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  • Aug 26th


    Author By Carlson

    SpongeBob the Musical Cast List

    Remember, the character you show when you look at a cast list is much more important than a character in a play. 

    Thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned for SpongeBob the Musical. We so admire your bravery and hard work; you made this a difficult task for us all! All cast please meet at 3:30pm tomorrow in the theatre for our first rehearsal. If you were not cast, please consider  joining the technical crew. The tech crew informational meeting is Thursday, September 2nd at 3:15pm in the choir room.

    SpongeBob SquarePants
     Benjamin Sayers
    Patrick Star
     Reed Williams
    Squidward Q. Tentacles
     Erik Rasmussen
    Sandy Cheeks
     Savannah John
    Sheldon J. Plankton
     Connor Hestwood
     Alexa Grace  LaFontaine-Larson
    Eugene Krabs
     Alex Doran
    Pearl Krabs
     Anna Avent
    Perch Perkins
     Isaac Theisen
    Patchy the Pirate
     Lawson Sharrer
    The Mayor of Bikini Bottom
     Ava Bartel
    The Electric Skates
     Chandler Schmitz  Andrew Sawyers  Isaac Thiesen
    Mrs. Puff
     Zoë Sellner-Keer
    Old Man Jenkins
     Hunter Fizel
    Larry the Lobster
     Henry North
    Foley Artist
     Reece Loveridge


    Anne Benjamin Olivia Vue
    Brooklin Giddings Reghan Sikorski
    Grace Smith Sophia Bramel
    Haleigh Smith Sydney Baxter
    Hunter Fizel Sydney Segedi
    Kianna Yasis Teyah Owen
    Layla Bagal Yeram Hong
    Lindsey Seif Riley Hestwood
    Maddie Bannwarth Lauren Lee
    Marie Finch-Koinuma Soniya John
  • Aug 25th


    Author By Carlson

    SpongeBob the Musical Callback List

    Thank you to all the amazing talent who auditioned for SpongeBob the Musical. If your name is not on the list below, please remember to check the final cast list again tomorrow; we will be casting people who were not called back. The first cast meeting will be this Friday at 3:30pm in the choir room. If you are interested in helping the production in another way please come to the technical meeting on Thursday, September 2nd at 3:15pm in the choir room.

    Callbacks will begin at 3:30pm on Thursday in the theatre. Bring water and dress for movement. Historically, callbacks can be a time-consuming process, so please do your best to clear your schedule that afternoon/evening.

    Alexa Grace LaFontaine-Larson*
    Alex Doran*
    Andrew Sayers
    Anna Avent*
    Anne Benjamin*
    Ava Bartel*
    Benjamin Sayers
    Chandler Schmitz*
    Connor Hestwood*
    Erik Rasmussen*
    Haleigh Smith*
    Henry North*
    Isaac Theisen
    Kianna Yasis*
    Lawson Sharrer*
    Layla Bagal*
    Lindsey Seif*
    Maddie Bannwarth*
    Marie Finch-Koinuma*
    Norah Badroos*
    Olivia Vue
    Reghan Sikorski*
    Reed Williams
    Savannah John
    Sydney Baxter
    Yeram Hong*

    *Students marked with an asterisk will be asked to dance – please bring tap shoes if you have them. If not, wear tennis shoes.

  • Aug 18th


    Author By Carlson

    SpongeBob Info Session Recap

    Here is the slideshow recap from today’s SpongeBob info session:

    Please contact director Kajsa Jones-Higgins with any additional questions.

  • Aug 8th


    Author By Carlson

    SpongeBob Musical Auditions

    Auditions for our fall musical, SpongeBob, are quickly approaching. Preliminary auditions will be conducted both virtually and in-person.

    For the virtual audition, students will:

    • prepare a short acting side (either Mayor or Squidward monologues)
    • sing 60 seconds of a song of their choosing (in the style of the show) or the selected cutting of the “SpongeBob SquarePants Theme  Song”

    For the in-person audition, students will: 

    •  come to one of two dance call times. Dance calls will be held from 7-9pm on August 24th and from 4-6pm on August 25th. During this time, students will learn and perform some brief choreography. Please bring water, dress for movement, and plan to wear a mask.

    All the necessary auditions materials can be found HERE.

    All preliminary auditions must be submitted by Monday, August 23rd at 5pm. After that deadline, the submission window will close, so the production team can review auditions and begin preparing for callbacks. The callback list and details will be posted on the Loft Stage website by Wednesday evening.

    Students will use the following Google form to submit their audition: Audition Form

    * The audition form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Audition Form

    Callbacks will be held in-person on Thursday, August 25th. A virtual option will be made available for students who indicate that preference on their audition form. If your name isn’t on the callback list, there is a definite chance you will still make the cast list. The final cast list will be posted the evening of callbacks.

    There will be a brief, virtual informational session at 4pm on Wednesday, August 18th where we will review all audition information and answer any questions students may have about the process. A recording of the meeting will be posted later, so if you are unable to attend, feel free to watch the view to see what was discussed.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 923 9889 1985
    Passcode: m4VyuP


  • Jun 1st


    Author By Carlson

    You’re Really Doing a Show Outside?! FAQS for The Loft {Outdoor} Stage

    What happens if it rains?

    In the occurrence of inclement weather (ie – high winds, rain, thunderstorms, etc.), our outdoor performance of Grease will be rescheduled. Tickets for a rescheduled performance will automatically be moved to the corresponding Sunday (June 13 or June 20). If, for some reason, you are unable to attend the rescheduled rain date, please email tickets@theloftstage.org for a refund of purchase price; unfortunately, patrons cannot be refunded the processing fee. While rescheduling a performance is not ideal, we know this decision is in the best interest of student, staff, patron, and equipment safety.

    How long is the show?

    Grease runs approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be a 15-minute intermissions between Acts I and II. 

    Do I have to bring a chair?

    No, folding chairs will be setup for guest usage. Some chairs may have padded seats; others will be traditional metal folding chairs. If you are concerned about comfort, consider bringing a seat cushion.

    Do I need to wear a mask?

    Per the most recent governor’s orders, guest in our open air theatre are not required to wear masks; however, masks are strongly encouraged in more congested areas (i.e. bathrooms, box office lines, concessions, etc.).

    Will the performers be masked?

    As part of our district-approved COVID protocols, performers wore masks for the majority of rehearsals, but will be unmasked for performances. 

    Why perform outside if Governor’s orders are lifted?

    Our production team has been planning this show for MONTHS, so by the time the orders were lifted, we were already too far along in the process to change venues. Additionally, the show, Grease, lends itself to a “Summer Night” show and open-air theatre is something our program has never tackled. We are excited for both students and guests to experience this one-of-a-kind show!

    Can I bring snacks and/or beverages?

    Unlike our indoor theatre, food and beverage are allowed outdoors. We kindly ask that guests be respectful and courteous, making sure that refreshments don’t become distracting and that any messes made are thoroughly cleaned. The production will take place on school grounds, so use of alcohol and tobacco products are strictly prohibited. 

    Where do I park?

    The student lots, nearest the activities entrance (see image below), will likely be your best bet.

    If, for some reason, parking is limited on that side, the bus lot, nearest the main entrance (see image below), is another close option.


    Where can I drop off if I’m attending the show with someone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues?

    Depending on where your seats are located, you may choose to drive up to either the main entrance or the student lot. House left is nearest the main entrance, whereas house right is nearest the student lot (indicated in red below).

    Are there bathrooms on site?

    Yes, guests will have access to indoor bathrooms just inside the activities entrance doors. 

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