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  • Sep 19th


    Author By Carlson

    Parent Meeting Recap


    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm about the East Ridge theatre program! We aim to give students a top-notch theatre education and none of that would be possible without you!

    Here’s a recap of the meeting:

    • Student expectations: be on time, be prepared, communicate conflicts proactively, remain in good academic standing, utilize Loft Stage website for calendars
    •  Scene shop rules: safety, dressing appropriately, adult supervision
    • Registration: all participants of the musical will need to register through the activities office FeePay system. The registration fee is $65 and must be paid by September 29th. While registering, please also do the same for LoftPAC, our drama club. There is no fee associated but enrollment allows admin/district a clear picture of participation and can dictate future staffing/funding.
    • T-shirts: pay attention to the Loft Stage website for upcoming Joseph t-shirt orders.
    • Important dates: Please review the slideshow for a list of important/mandatory dates!
    • Remind 101: text Message: text @erhsjo17 to 81010 or Email: send email to
    •  Social media: Join us on Facebook, Twitter (@theloftstage), and Instagram (@theloftstage)
    • Tickets: sales will begin tonight! Details can be found on

    The presentation shown at tonight’s meeting can be found HERE.

    Please fill out the following form to register parent contact information and to indicate area(s) of interest for our various booster committees: Parent Booster Link

    Feel free to reach out to myself, any members of the production team, and/or booster leaders with any questions as they arise – we are all in this together!

  • Sep 22nd


    Author By Administrator

    Parent Meeting Information

    For those that were unable to make the parent meeting, or those that just need to review the presentation, please find it below and please ask us if you have any questions.

    Parent Meeting Presentation

  • Jan 8th


    Author By Administrator

    Winter Play Parent Meeting Document

    Please find the parent meeting presentation below if you were unable to attend.

    Parent Meeting

  • Sep 29th


    Author By Administrator

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Feed My Starving Children
    October 9th from 6-8pm

    WCT Event Volunteering (students)

    October 24th evening


    Bagging at Kowalski’s(students and adults)
    October 25th from 12pm to 6pm (2hr shifts)

    Opening Night Gala
    November 6th

    Ticket Sales
    November 6th-15th

    November 6th-15th

    Set Construction
    Come when you can.
    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm
    Saturday from 9-12pm and 12-3pm

    Come when you can
    Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9pm

  • Sep 28th


    Author By Administrator

    Fiddler Costume & Props Needs

    Seeking to Borrow

    • Kopek (coins)
    • Well Pump (farm style)
    • Butter Churn
    • Wedding Rings
    • Sewing Machine (old style)
    • Silver Goblets (2)

    Seeking for Donation

    • Wash Mop and Bucket (old type)
    • Goblets
    • Goose Pillows
    • Cloth (tailor type)
    • Old Broom

    Seeking for Donation or Borrow

    • Pewter Mugs
    • Night Sticks for Policeman
    • Blankets and Bedding
    • Rope
    • Pot
    • Pan
  • Jun 28th


    Author By Cindy

    The State of the Loft 2015


    Academic All Star Amanda Hestwood on  THE STATE OF THE LOFT, 2015 Edition.  Plus when she’d pass the buck to Jimmy.  Literally.





    Q:  This has been another year of immense theatrical success for the Loft Stage at ERHS.  What’s your secret?

    A:  I really don’t think there is a secret to our success. A simple formula of talented and hardworking kids, combined with talented and hardworking staff and supportive and hardworking parents equals unstoppable success.


    Q:  The winds of change are blowing. How challenging will it be to continue to offer student experiences and to stage productions of this caliber?

    A:  The winds of change are blowing and the hard part is not knowing what will change, when it will change or how it will change. We have been well supported since day one. I for one am hoping this will not change under the new administration.


    Q:  What are your biggest hopes and fears regarding the future of the Loft at ERHS?

    A:  I hope they will recognize what we are doing and leave us alone to do it.  Let’s stay with hopes for now and not dwell on the fear of the unknown.


    Q:  What does District 833 leadership/administration need to know about the Loft’s educational theater program?

    A:  Our program is student centered. Know what that means and come and see it in action. Ask questions! Know what you are making decisions about before you change what is not just working, but working really well.


    Q:  What can we as a theater community do to help?

    A:  Share your pride. Talk about what we are doing. Show pictures. Invite people to participate as appropriate. Continue to lend yourself to the continuous improvement we all strive for.


    Q:  What would you do if you were handed a million dollars?

    A:  I am sure Jimmy has a list. 🙂

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