• Feb 2nd


    Author By Abby

    February Minutes

    Winter Service Project Recap

    -baked goods / cards for Woodbury Public Safety and ERHS custodial staff



    Play in a Day 2.0

    -Feb 14-15

    -Harvard Speech Tournament weekend

    -Leah Jensen is advisor

    -3 or 4 shows based on interest  <fill out

    -Thursday auditions in choir room @5pm

    -Friday directors meet at 7am and actors go from 8am-9pm

    -Location is Loft Stage

    -Mrs. Carlson will email you if you are selected as playwright or director

    -Meghan Horan will hosts playwrights overnight!


    Thespian Festival

    -7 (maybe 6) going

    -more info (and NIES info) soon

    -we will arrange rides

    -super fun!!!


    Thespian Points / Lettering

    -points updated on google spreadsheet (shared with apps account) and Nolan is doing shop hours now:)



    Wendy and Peter Pan

    -shows are May 2-5 (6 total, 5 open to public)

    -fill out google form online!

    -dress ready to move

    -no preparation needed (do not need accents unless you are COMFORTABLE with one)…cold read scenes

    -script online! Password is happythought

    -rough cast size of 25 with character breakdown online

    -see Mrs. Carlson with any questions!


    Dialect Workshop

    -second week in March

    -british and cockney

    -Keely Wolter, MA Voice Studies (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) and BA Theatre (Viterbo University)

    -Credentials: Guthrie BFA, Jungle Theater, Theater Latte Da, Park Square, Penumbra, History Theatre, Children’s Theatre Company, Old Log, Artistry, Minnetonka High School, and more!


    NYC Meeting

    -Feb 13 @6pm in choir room

    -bring parent / guardian!


    Spring Dates at a Glance

    -Les Mis Viewing Party (TBD, April 5th?)

    -Spring Play (May 2nd-5th)

    -Banquet (Tues., May 7 in Loft)

    -Officer applications due (early April)

    -Officer voting (end of April)

    -The Play that Goes Wrong (May 10th @ 8PM) (during NIETOC)

    -Dear Evan Hansen (June 5th @ 7:30 PM)

    -Relay for Life (June 7th, 6 PM-6 AM @ the Nest)

    -Spotlight Showcase (June 10th)

    -NYC Trip (June 11-15th)


  • Jan 4th


    Author By Abby

    January Meeting Minutes

    One Act Festival and Competition:

    -Friday, January 18 at WHS for $5 (general admission)

    -Competition is open to public (January 22 at Eagan HS)

    -Do not be late and behave / represent our school well:)

    One Act Set Construction and Costume:

    -Starts Saturday, January 5th (9am-3pm) and lasts all week

    Winter Service Project:

    -Text Elizabeth (651-508-2361) to be involved

    -Small scale (possibly baking cookies for officers, writing notes for cars, etc!)

    New York Trip:

    -Registration due January 18

    -$250 deposit due at registration

    -Slideshow with info from meeting (itinerary, pricing, etc) on the Loft Stage website

    Spring Play Auditions:

    -February 25-26 (Mon-Tues)

    -February 27 (Wed) is callbacks

    -Includes 22 characters plus ensemble, flying, English accents, movement, and more!

    -No rehearsals over spring break

    -Shows are May 2-5 with middle school matinee (6 SHOWS TOTAL WOOHOO)

    -Audition materials coming soon 🙂

    Thespian Points:

    -Google spreadsheet is being updated (check Mon)


    -Possible point areas include but aren’t limited to: Loft stage productions (including play in a day), community theater production, shop hours, speech, show viewings, theater workshops and festivals)

    -1 point = 10 hours

    Course Registration:

    -Creative Acting and Dramatics AND Advanced Acting and Directing (both super fun)

    -Talk to Mrs. Carlson for info

    -They do not run if not enough people sign up 🙁

    -Do not have to take one class to take the other

    MCAC Season Update:

    -Lots going on, such as spring break camp, boot camp, classes, summer shows, musical theater intensive, and more!


  • Dec 7th


    Author By Abby

    December Meeting Minutes

    EJI Service Project:

    -We raised $754

    -Watch the video!!


    One Act- She Kills Monsters:

    -Congrats to everyone involved!

    -If you want to participate and letter…M/W/F 6-9 is costuming and January 5-12 is set hours

    -District Festival is at WHS on January 18…come support all three shows!


    Park’s Chamber Show:

    -Tickets are $3 or free if you bring a new and unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots

    -Get tickets on their website or at the door

    -Showtimes are Saturday, Dec 8 at 7pm and Sunday, Dec 9 at 2pm

    -Great shows for children


    Play in a Day:



    7pm-playwrights write the shows

    7am-directors arrive

    8am-actors arrive

    12pm-lunch and memorization break

    1pm-theater rotation and tech aspects

    5pm-dinner and costume break

    5:30-tech run through


    -All of this happens from Dec 21-22

    DIRECTORS: Emma Pfeifer, McCrossen Schiller, Kat Grannis, Alli Colberg, Anya Steffel

    WRITERS: Colleen Jensen, Quintin Walker, Erin Foy & Cali Yee, Jake Sorensen, Ethan Hallstrom

    -We need actors and techies (present all day both days) Fill out the link ASAP to participate


    Alumni Cabaret:

    -Alumni perform songs, scenes, skits, etc. and it is holiday themed

    -Right after play in a day!

    -Lofties may participate in final number


    MCAC Winter Offerings:

    -24 hour musical (Dec 28 @7pm to Dec 29)

    -Auditions are Dec 22 and 23

    -Narrowed down from: Urinetown, Grease, Bring it On, Mama Mia, Camp Rock, and Fame!

    -Sos for Youth has a new director…check it out if interested in social justice & theater crossover (Next audition is Dec 14-15)


    Loftie Holiday Party:



    Thespian Festival:

    -PiM Arts High school Feb 17&18


    Winter Community Outreach:

    -It will have a focus on anti-bullying and empowerment (still working out details)

    -Talk to Elizabeth with ideas 🙂


    NYC Trip:

    -June 11-15, 2019 (not sure if it will be a 4 or 5 day itinerary)

    -Gerber Tour Company….but customizable with theater activities!

    -Parent info meeting before winter break

    -Cheaper with more people going


    Script Library:

    -Check them out in Mrs. Carlson’s office! check them out online here


    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

    -March 6-17 at the Orpheum

    -Order group tickets online with code 1819STUDENTED




  • Nov 4th


    Author By Abby

    November Meeting Minutes


    -tell the person you booed, or use this link


    -Saturday in December (date TBD) at noon

    -location TBD



    -Thursday Dec 27-Friday Dec 28 (27 is playwrights…they write all night long) (28 is for actors and directors to memorize and rehearse all day) (auditions the night before at 5:30) (night of 28 is performance for friends and family)

    -in black box

    -first come first serve / seniority for directing

    -more info at Dec meeting and this is when actors sign up



    -Dec 17 is application deadline

    -application and other info here



    -donation collection (during shows, at ticket table, or bring to Elizabeth in an envelope)

    -check out link for info about the organization!!



    -auditions Nov 26, callbacks Nov 27, readthrough Nov 30

    She Kills Monsters (director: Leah Jensen, assistant director: Jack Lambert, set designer: Nolan Sherburne)



    -Tuesday Nov 13 at around 2pm

    -pick up after school on mini stage



    log points (anything related to theater)

    -go to this link   


  • Oct 6th


    Author By Abby

    October Meeting Minutes-Abby

    Loftie Booing:

    *Booing is an (optional)activity where you create a small basket/bucket of Halloween goodies for your fellow Lofties!

    *One person starts it off, you are randomly assigned one Loftie and are given their address.

    *One night you go to their house, set the goodies down in front of their main door, ring the doorbell, AND THEN RUN AS FAST YOU CAN BECAUSE IT’S A SECRET!!(park far away from their house so that they don’t recognize your car)

    *DoNOTtell anyone who you have until after EVERYONE has been Booed. – We will tell you when it’s okay

    *Text Meghan H with your name, address, and any allergies if you’d like to participate (309-532-3982)


    Club Photos:

    *Yearbook club photos are on November 21 (wear Loftie gear!!)

    *Sign up for LoftPAC on FeePay or you won’t get a pass to come take the picture


    Scholars of Distinction:

    *Please tell Mrs. Carlson if interested (max of 6 entries)

    DATES: December 17-application due, February 22-portfolio due, April 27 and 29-artistic showcases (qualifying students must be at ONE date), May 18- awards ceremony at Perpich Center



    *3 shows

    *10 ERHS related points

    *10 technical hours


    Stage to Screen Movie Night:

    *Wednesday October 17

    *bring blankets and wear PJs!


    Service Project:
    *Equal Justice Initiative (works for children in prison, mass incarceration, death penalty, racial justice, wrongly accused)

    *our idea: film kids performing monologues from “The Exonerated” and raise money by releasing videos J


    Butter Braid Fundraiser:

    *DATES: October 5- start date, October 23- end date, October 26- submit order, November 13- delivery

    *Group name: The Loft Stage Boosters

    *Checks payable to The Loft Stage


    Ramsey Middle School Theater Program:

    *After school program… starting a theater department!

    *We can help by cleaning out costume room and donating old costumes AND traveling to the school to teach theater games and activities

    *We need a committee of dedicated students that will commit to kids ALL YEAR…if interested in being on the committee text Meghan H (309-532-3982)



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