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  • Jan 21st


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    Spotlight Dance Masterclass

    We have a rare and limited opportunity to offer a Dance Masterclass led by cast members from Newsies. This class will take place on February 11th at the Cowles Center. This is open to any of our Spotlight kids but is available on a first come, first serve basis. I would encourage you to think about reaching out to a few of your featured dancers and even your male dancers that you want to develop or you think would benefit and enjoy this experience. A variety of technical levels will be accommodated. There is a $5 fee per dancer for the class. As always, if cost is an issue just let us know and we can provide scholarships if need be. To start out each school will be limited to 10 students. If there are available spots we will reach back out. Students should sign up individually so feel free to share the link for their registration with your students reminding them that space is limited!


    Along with this amazing opportunity we have access to a few education-priced tickets. These tickets are $52 and include pizza following the masterclass. With the entire run practically sold out, this is a great opportunity. When you register for the masterclass please check the box if you would like to also attend the show and we will get that purchase information to you. Students attending the workshop will have first crack at the show tickets. If we have any available we will open them up to non-workshop attendees. Keep in mind that we have more space in the workshop than we do tickets for the show so registering quickly is critical. I wish that we could accommodate everyone but Disney runs a pretty tight ship.


    Click on this link for more information and to register for the Masterclass and get on the list for show tickets. http://www.hennepintheatretrust.org/forms/newsies-masterclass

  • Jan 21st


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    Spotlight Awards Announced for Fall 2015

    Congratulations to the following award winners who received notice from the Hennepin Theatre Trust for the Loft Stage production of Fiddler on the Roof. 


    Outstanding Overall Production
    Outstanding Overall Performance
    Outstanding Ensemble Performance
    Honorable Mention Vocal Performance by an Ensemble
    Outstanding Acting Performance by an Ensemble
    Honorable Mention Movement/Dance Performance by an Ensemble
    Outstanding Overall Technical Team
    Outstanding Technical Crew
    Outstanding Student Orchestra
    Honorable Mention A/V Board Operators
    Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role Brendan Finn as Tevye
    Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role Christina Ippoliti as Hodel
    Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role Kaylee Cates as Yente
    Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role Dylan Degler as Lazar Wolf
    Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role Kat Grannis as Fruma-Sarah
    Honorable Mention in a Leading Role Maggie Eckberg as Golde
    Honorable Mention in a Leading Role Clara Grismer as Tzeital
    Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role Tegan Jones as Chava
    Honorable Mention in a Featured Role Erin Foy as Grandma Tzeital
    Technical Leadership Nomination Sophie Pfluger as Stage Manager
    Honorable Mention in a Leadership Role Isabella Wurm as Student Orchestra Conductor
    Evaluator Shout-Out Mark May
    Evaluator Shout-Out Michael Miller
    Evaluator Shout-Out Ben McKenzie
    Evaluator Shout-Out Alec McCoy
    Evaluator Shout-Out Carl Erikstrup
    Evaluator Shout-Out Erin Foy (Hodel Understudy)

  • Nov 12th


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    The Final Weekend of Fiddler on the Roof!

  • Oct 1st


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    Fiddler Cast Information

    Please go through the following and let us know if you think something is in error! The script will be up for one week so please print what you need.Info for you:

    Act I Scene Breakdown: Link

    Act II Scene Breakdown: Link

    Script: Link

    Russian Dialect Manual: Link

    Russian Dialect Audio:

    Yiddish Dialect Manual: Link

    Yiddish Dialect Audio: Link

    Yiddish Dialect Cheat Sheet: Link

  • Sep 29th


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    Q & A With Set Design Artist Joe Johnson


    joeJOE JOHNSON, ERHS AND LOFT alumnus, artist, and polarizing beard wearer has returned from his studies at Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida to yet again loan his prodigious talents to the Loft Stage.  Joe graciously took time from his Fiddler set design work to answer seven questions.

    1.  The Fiddler set is taking its style cues from the paintings of Marc Chagall.  How has that been going for you?

    JJ:  It is definitely a challenge because it is such a specific style, or lack thereof, for Chagall really doesn’t fit into any group like impressionism, surrealism, etc.  It really took me a while to get in the spirit of Chagall, but I believe George and I have been able to make it work, and by studying his paintings, come up with a way very similar to how he would have painted.  We are really trying new techniques and embracing this “painterly” set, which will be unique to the Loft.

    2.  What is the very first piece of art you remember creating?

    JJ: Oh gosh, I have no idea.  I guess I really can’t remember a time not drawing.  I do however remember a rather specific moment when I was very young and drew on one of our walls.  Probably a dragon, haha, and my parents were very upset.  I recall tears. My tears.  But from what they have told me, they realized maybe they shouldn’t get mad and just let me do my thing. But this time, make sure he has paper.

    3.  Joe, of all the art controversies in recent history, perhaps the most profound hot-button issue gripping the local art community today pertains to your facial hair.  Given your prime directive to channel the stylistic sensibilities of the clean shaven Chagall, and the very real threat posed by what scientist-artists refer to as the “hirsute interference effect,” how do you justify sporting a beard during Fiddler set design and construction?

    JJ:  My beard is refraining me from answering this question.

    4.  What artists, living or dead, have most inspired you?

    JJ: Oh so many.  Ringling has opened a whole world of artists that I never knew about.  Inspirational, whether or not their style has influenced my own, are artists that make me want to better myself and inspire me to draw and paint.  Quite a list here, but John William Waterhouse, Edwin Austin Abbey, Lawrence Alma Tadema, Lord Frederic Leighton, any number of 19th-century painters, illustrators like Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, N.C. Wyeth, John Howe, Alan Lee, and so, so many more!

    5.  Where is your favorite place in the world?

    JJ: Disneyworld is a pretty special place—I went there almost every year during my childhood.  Though I regret to say I’ve never been out of the country, but I would probably fall in love with the U.K. or Italy.

    6.  Imagine a film of your life story is in the works.  Select from the following movie titles:

    A.  The Joe Johnson Trilogy: Paint Hard, Paint Harder, and Paint Hard With a Vengeance
    B.  Crabnado IV:  Terror at Joe’s Crab Shack
    C.  Are you there, Joe? It’s Me, East Ridge:  Director’s Cut
    D.  Joe Johnson:  Before The Dark Times…Before the Empire…
    E.  Still Life with a Beard: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    JJ: First, these are all fantastic, so this is a really difficult choice. Now, I would go with “Joe Johnson: Before the Dark Times…Before the Empire…” but that’s too much of an inside joke amongst my friends.  So, I will have to say “Still Life with a Beard: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.” It actually sounds like a real documentary title!

    7. Joe, you are a Loft legend, major talent, and–lucky for us–a freelance artist.  How can your adoring public get a piece of you?

    JJ: Well I think there are many Loft Legends and major talents that have come out of ERHS theater program, but yes I’m more than open to do commissions if anyone was interested.  My preferred genre is Fantasy and Fairytales, but Landscape painting is also something I enjoy doing very much. Shoot me a question or idea at joeytjohnson18@gmail.com or you can ask me in person. I’m definitely open to ideas!  You can also visit my website, though I’m in the midst of trying to rebuild my portfolio, but it is www.jtj-illustration.com

    I’d just like to say I’m very grateful for the Loft and I am very glad to be back working on Fiddler and working with such a wonderful program 🙂

    Thanks, Joe!  On behalf of the Loft, the newsletter can confidently report the feeling is mutual.

  • Sep 29th


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    Parent Meeting Presentation

    For those that were unable to attend the parent meeting, or would just like to look over the presentation again, please find it below.

    Fiddler Parent Meeting Presentation

    Please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda, Francine or Jimmy with any questions. Thanks!

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