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  • Jan 15th


    Author By Carlson

    District 833 One Act Festival

    Please join us this Friday at 7:00PM at Woodbury High School for the District 833 One Act Festival. The cost is $5 for general admission to see all three productions.

    East Ridge’s one act play is She Kills Monsters young adventures edition, a play by Qui Nguyen. Our winter one act play is a contemporary work set in the walls of an average high school (1995 – Athens, Ohio and the imaginary land of New Landia); what’s not so average, is the journey these students embark. After the untimely death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes has to face, both literally and figuratively, the ghosts of her past through the old avatars of her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s only through these battles that Agnes is able to fully gain closure and learn who her sister really was.

  • Nov 30th


    Author By Administrator

    One-Act Tech Crew

    Below are the one-act performance tech crew. If you’d like to participate in the show but aren’t listed below, please join the production crew in set/props construction or costuming. There is no need to register or pay a fee to be part of the production crew. Dates and times for crew meetings are on the calendar.

    Stage Manager – Alli Colberg
    Deck Captain – Jared Doran
    Asst. Deck Captain – Emma Garrity
    Lighting – April O’Meara
    Sound – TBD
    Props – Anna Clatanoff
    Stage Crew – Liv Meinders, Sidney Green

  • Nov 19th


    Author By Carlson

    One Act Auditions

    The Loft Stage will hold auditions for our winter one act play, She Kills Monsters, next week!

    Show Synopsis: After the sudden death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes finds a notebook belonging to her dead sister that has a module written for the game Dungeons and Dragons. Agnes decides to team up with Tilly’s old party members and play through the game in the hopes of finding who her sister was.

    Prior to auditions, students should fill out the following Google form: 

    Audition sides (do not need to be memorized):

  • Dec 13th


    Author By Leah

    Women and War Parent Meeting

    Thank you to everyone who made it out to the parent meeting tonight! Here is a link to the slide show with all of the information we went over in the meeting tonight.

    Parent Meeting Presentation

  • Dec 11th


    Author By Administrator

    One-Act Tech Crew

    Thank you to everyone that expressed interest in being part of the performance tech crew for the one-act. As there are a limited number of slots and we need to complete registration by Friday, please find the list of crew members below.

    Alli Colberg – Stage Manager / Student Director
    Anna Clatanoff – Deck Captain
    Liv Meinders – Props Mistress
    Jared Doran – Sound Crew
    April O’Meara – Lighting Crew
    Kate Cristensen – Stage Crew
    Sidney Green – Stage Crew
    Alya Alderazi – Stage Crew

    Please remember that all performance crew members (minus Alli) must put in at least 20 hours in to set/props construction.

  • Dec 6th


    Author By Leah

    Women and War Cast

    Thank you so much to all who auditioned this week! Simply put it was amazing to see all of the talent that the Loft Stage has! Please know that casting is one of the hardest parts of the process for me as a director. Especially since I can only have twelve folks in the cast. I encourage anyone who was not cast to join us on Friday for the tech meeting. If you are cast we start tomorrow at 3:30 in the black box!

    Buddy- Adam Garrity

    Helen- Maren Van Deest

    Jack- Jonas Hallstrom

    Betsy- Allison Benjamin

    Johnny- Ethan Willams

    Agnes- Megan Horan

    Desert Storm Captain (Hank)- Nolan Sherburne

    Vietnam Marine- Alex Fisher

    Doughnut Girl- Janie Mooreland

    Specialist Fourth Class Delaney- Carolyn Lanz

    Vietnam Nurse- Emma Lily

    Westren Union Girl- Elizabeth Avery

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