Wizard of Oz Callback List


Thank you to all of the amazing talent who auditioned for The Wizard of Oz! Regardless of whether or not your name is listed below, please remember to check the final cast list tomorrow; we will be casting people who were not called back. The first cast meeting will be this Thursday at 3:30pm in the choir room. If you are interested in helping the production in another way, please attend the tech meeting on Friday, September 8th after the LoftPAC meeting.

Aaron Claxton ^@
Abby Schroeder *
Addison Rohm *#
Alex Frith ^#%@
Chandler Schmitz #$
Hailey Engelking *^$
Henry North #^
JoeLeigh Madsen *^
Layla Bagal *
Leslie Switala $%
Luca Walz ^#%@
Macey Spolidoro *#^$
Maddie Gerber *^$
Morgan Maki *$
Naomi Tesfaye *^$%
Riley Hestwood ^$%
Sofia Berdie *
Sophia Bramel *
Sydney Segedi *$
Sydney Staples *#
Thea Oberg *%

Callbacks will begin at 5:30pm tomorrow in the theatre and may run late. Please do your best to clear your schedule, so we have ample time with each performer. Actors are encouraged to review the coordinating musical cuttings prior to callbacks. Some character callbacks will be acting only. See the key below to know which character(s) to prepare:

Dorothy/Glinda *
Cowardly Lion ^
Tinman/Scarecrow #
Gulch/Wicked Witch $
Oz/Marvel %
Uncle Henry @

Use the following links to access callback materials:
Dorothy/Glinda Track
Dorothy/Glinda Sheet Music
Tinman/Scarecrow Track 1
Tinman/Scarecrow Sheet Music 1
Tinman/Scarecrow Track 2
Tinman/Scarecrow Sheet Music 2
Lion Track
Lion Sheet Music