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  • May 20th


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    Grease Tech Crew

    Stage Manager Leo Ouradnik
    Deck Captain Casey Christensen
    Assistant Deck Captain Hanna Meinders
    Props Captain Morgan Gilboe
    Stage Running Crew Ava Meinders
    Haejin Lee
    Emily Anderson
    Grace Ballard
    Sound Board Crew Ann Winston
    Riley Gisch
    Pit Sound Board Crew Caleb Doran
    Mic Crew Mikayla Gillard
    Shridula Arun
    Lighting Crew Ethan Olson
    Alex Ireland
    Video Crew Cheney Yao
    Maddie Gerber
    Mikayla Gillard
    Katelyn Renner
    Costume Crew Kendall Rander
    Ava Cyr
    Kaia Heltne
    Amelia Kullman
    Grace Ballard
  • May 13th


    Author By Carlson

    Grease: A Note from the Artistic Director

    Grease is hands down one of the most popular musicals to ever exist; in fact in the process of making the show we learned that it is, in fact, the most-produced musical in the world. A lot of this can probably be credited to the iconic movie and the rest to the relentlessly-catchy music. Even if you’re not a regular theater goer, you’ve probably heard a slightly off-key but enthusiastic “Summer Nights” at karaoke or watched your third cousin pull a muscle dancing to “Greased Lightning” at a wedding.

    Despite its popularity and formative role in my own childhood, I had my doubts about selecting Grease as our musical. At first glance, I didn’t love the “change yourself for a man” moral that has received (fair) criticism across the internet in the past 10 years. However, after a bit more digging and some discovery about the original show (did you know it was a musical before it was a movie?!) I started to see Grease in a different light. To be clear, I still don’t think you should change yourself for a man, or for anyone for that matter, but at its core, this quintessentially teenage show is about so much more. 

    Grease is a story about being true to who you are. I think it’s easy to see Sandy as a stereotypical All-American, 1950s teenager corrupted by Danny, Rizzo and the gang. But with a slightly closer look at the cultural and societal norms of 1959, it’s clear that when we meet Sandy she is a product of these external forces. Between prescribed gender roles, age discrimination, and culture war, Sandy enters into adulthood with a narrative that’s already been written for her. The Greasers don’t require her to change: they give her permission to be who she is, something that’s still not easy to do, 60 years later. 

    This crew of misfits, rough around the edges but loyal to the core reminds us that growing up is messy. They’re imperfect but we love them for it. And Grease is like that too. There certainly are moments in the show that don’t align with our current social values; however, not everything we put onstage is meant to be a model for behavior. Instead, it gives us an opportunity to look at our past with clear eyes and see it for what it was — the good, the bad, and the in between. 

    This process has been an adventure in every way, but well worth it to be making theater again. It’s been so long since we’ve all been able to gather and we are so glad to see you under the stars for a “Summer Night” you’ll surely remember.

    –Kajsa Jones, artistic director

  • Mar 23rd


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    Tech Crew Meeting

    The spring musical, Grease, needs technicians in order to make the production look and sound its best. If you’re interested in lighting, sound, video production, costuming, or set design and construction, join us Friday, March 26th at 3pm via Zoom for an informational meeting. You’ll learn about the production and the many different ways you can participate.

    Zoom Meeting Link

  • Mar 22nd


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    Grease Cast List

    Thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned for Grease. We so admire your bravery and hard work; you made this a difficult task for us all! Cast members will meet via Zoom at 4:00pm tomorrow for an informational meeting and preliminary sing through. Please check your email for important information. If you were not cast and are interested in helping the production on the technical crew, please attend the tech crew informational meeting on Friday at 3:00pm via Zoom.

    Danny Zuko: Carter Bannwarth
    Sandy Dumbrowski: Victoria Pommalath
    Betty Rizzo: Lauren Nelson
    Frenchy: Natalie Engh
    Marty: Allison Benjamin (understudy Sandy)
    Jan: Olivia Voerster
    Doody: Benjamin Sayers
    Kenickie: Ethan Kalafatich
    Sonny Latierri: Luke Pfluger
    Roger: Erik Haering (understudy Danny)
    Vince Fontaine: Connor Hestwood (understudy Kenickie & dance captain)
    Cha-Cha: Alexa Grace LaFontaine Larson (& ensemble)
    Eugene Florczyk: Alex Doran
    Johnny Casino/Teen Angel: Adam Garrity (understudy Doody)
    Miss Lynch: Alexa Sandberg (understudy Frenchy)
    Patty Simcox: Aubrie Owen

    Andrew Sayers
    Anna Avent (understudy Rizzo)
    Ava Bartel
    Ava Hattenberger
    Boon Yang
    Brooklin Giddings
    Chandler Schmitz
    Enya Brett (understudy Miss Lynch)
    Erik Rasmussen (understudy Vince Fontaine)
    Grace Smith
    Haleigh Smith (understudy Patty)
    Henry North
    Hunter Fizel (understudy Eugene)
    Jason Chang (understudy Roger)
    Kianna Yasis
    Lawson Sharrer (understudy Sonny)
    Lindsey Seif
    Maren VanDeest (understudy Jan)
    Marie Finch-Koinuma
    Olivia Vue
    Reed Williams (understudy Johnny Casino/Teen Angel)
    Savannah John
    Sydney Baxter
    Sydney Bramel (understudy Marty)

  • Mar 21st


    Author By Carlson

    Grease Callbacks

    Thank you for your interest in our spring production of Grease! Per district COVID guidelines, we were limited in the number of actors we could call back. If you don’t see your name on the list, please check the website again either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning as there is still a chance you will be on the final cast list.

    The following students should plan to be in the theatre by 3pm on Monday, unless a virtual callback was indicated. We saw what we needed dance-wise from the initial auditions, so come prepare to sing and act. Please check your emails ASAP for important audition details.

    Adam Garrity
    Alexa Sandberg
    Allison Benjamin
    Anna Avent
    Aubrie Owen
    Benjamin Sayers
    Carter Bannwarth
    Chandler Schmitz
    Connor Hestwood
    Erik Haering
    Erik Rasmussen
    Ethan Kalafatich
    Haleigh Smith
    Henry North
    Jason Chang
    Kianna Yasis
    Lauren Nelson
    Luke Pfluger
    Maren VanDeest
    Marie Finch-Koinuma
    Natalie Engh
    Olivia Voerster
    Reed Williams
    Sydney Baxter
    Sydney Bramel
    Victoria Pommalath

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