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The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events. If you have not yet visited the Loft, check out The Drowsy Chaperone, coming to the Loft Stage this November!
NOVEMBER 1-10 The Drowsy Chaperone

In this Tony-award-winning musical farce, the unnamed protagonist (man in a chair) seeks solace from his blues by tuning in to his favorite, albeit fictional, musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. As his record playing fills his lonely apartment, so too does the musical itself! A show within a show, the story deals with love, mistaken identity, gangsters posing as pastry chefs, all wrapped up in a satirical bow. You won't want to miss this jazzy and hilarious show!

Oct 1st


Can I Bring My Kid to the Show?

Author By Carlson

Before any form of media is consumed, many parents ask themselves an important question: “is this movie/show/play child appropriate?”

While an inarguably important question, the subjectivity of the response is definitely debatable. Even with seemingly-objective measures like PG or PG-13 film ratings, there is still room for disagreement. For example, The Lego Movie is rated PG but so is Jaws. Would you show both films to your five-year-old? Deciding whether or not something is suitable for your child is a deeply personal decision, one that we would never want to coerce one way or another. That said, there are certain aspects about our fall production, The Drowsy Chaperone, that are more mature in nature. For example, there are overt romantic situations but the comedic tone spins these encounters as more silly than sexual. There is no foul language but there are references to alcohol and mild innuendo – both of which will likely go over the heads of younger audiences. By and large, Drowsy is an upbeat comedy that will keep audiences of all ages engaged and entertained. If you have any specific questions about content, feel free to email director Kajsa Jones (kjones@theloftstage.org).

Sep 10th


The Drowsy Chaperone Parent Info

Author By Administrator

For those that were unable to attend the parent meeting or wanted to review the presentation again, you can find it here:

Parent Meeting Presentation

Sep 5th


Drowsy Chaperone Tech Info

Author By Administrator

For those that weren’t able to make the tech crew kick-off meeting, please find the presentation below. If you have questions after reviewing the presentation, please contact the technical director, Jimmy at jstocco@theloftstage.org.

Tech Crew Presentation

Please complete the following tech interest form so that we know what you are interested in doing once we start assigning crew roles. Please note that only performance crew positions are assigned and production crews are open to anyone who has registered and would like to join.

Tech Crew Interest Form

Aug 28th


Drowsy Chaperone Cast List

Author By Administrator

Remember: The character you reveal when you see the cast list is far more important than the character you play in a production. Choose creation over destruction, always. ❤

Thank you to all of the amazing talent who auditioned! For those of you who did not make the cast, do not feel discouraged. Please don’t stop auditioning because you all have wonderful gifts to share with the East Ridge theatre program! If you are still interested in being involved in other areas of the production, please attend the tech meeting Thursday, September 5th at 3:15pm in the choir room.

Cast members! There will be a read through this Thursday at 3:30pm in the black box theatre. Make sure to bring a notebook and pencil.

Aug 19th


The Loft Stage Theatre Workshop

Author By Jared

Make sure to attend our theatre workshop THIS Friday from 12:30-6:30! This is only open for current lofties or incoming ERHS freshman. Please contact Katie Carlson (kcarlson@theloftstage.org) with any questions regarding acting or Jared Doran (jared.doran@theloftstage.org) with any tech questions. Hope to see you all there!!

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