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NOVEMBER 11-20 Legally Blonde

Harvard’s beloved blonde takes the stage by pink storm in this fun, upbeat story of self-discovery. A fabulously fun award-winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde The Musical, follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. Action-packed and exploding with memorable songs and dynamic dances – this musical is so much fun, it should be illegal!

Nov 30th


Cast List for “A Doll’s House”

Author By Leah

Thank you all for auditioning! Everyone who came out this afternoon did a fantastic job! It’s a bit cliché to say, but it’s true casting is not a simple process. Unfortunately we only have so many roles in the show and so we had to make some hard decisions. There is still more opportunities to be involved; the tech meeting is Friday December 9th after school and play-in-a-day is December 29th and 30th.

If you have been cast our first rehearsal will be next Tuesday in the black box

If you have any questions about your audition please reach out to me! And again once more Thank you to everyone who auditioned .

-Leah and Hannah

Nora Helmer: Grace Smith

Torvald Helmer: Titus Scribner

Nils Krogstad: Michael Edgerton

Christine Linde: Naomi Tesfaye

Dr. Rank: Reece Loveridge

Anne: Maddie Gerber

Emmy: Elizabeth Loveridge


Nov 21st


Auditions for “A Doll’s House” November 30th!

Author By Leah

**Update Auditions moved to Wednesday November 30th**

Auditions for this year’s one act play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen are Tuesday November 29th after school in the Black Box Theatre with Callbacks the following day. Performances will be January 20th with sub-sections at East Ridge on January 25th.

What to prepare for auditions:

Please fill out the audition form before auditions which is linked here: Audition Form

Please prepare a monologue of your choosing that is 1 to 2 minutes in length.  Memorizing is encouraged but not required. If you cannot find a monologue you may read one provided at auditions. If you have any questions about this please reach out to Leah Jensen

What the show is about:

Nora Helmer is preparing for the holidays while her husband, Torvald, prepares to take on his new role as  Bank Manager. Nora is threatened by Nils Krogstad, an employee at the bank to convince Torvald to save his job or he will expose her crime of taking out a loan without a man’s signature.


Nora Helmer: The protagonist of the story. She is married to Torvald and mother to Emmy. She is dedicated to her family and works hard to ensure their happiness. She sometimes lets her fantasies get the better of her.

Torvald Helmer: Torvald is married to Nora and the father of Emmy. He has recently gotten the job of Bank Manager which starts in the new year. Torvald has very strict values about morality and money.

Christine Linde: An old school friend of Nora’s who has come to town looking for a job. She was widowed three years prior and is ready to start fresh.

Nils Krogstad: A bank employee and a widower and father of several children. He committed fraud many years ago but was never convicted. He has heard that he might be fired from the bank because of it. Years prior he lent Nora a loan assuming her father had signed it.

Dr. Rank: An older man who is close friends with Nora and Torvald. He dealt with chronic illness his whole life but now believes he is close to death.

Anne: She is the maid/nanny for the Helmer’s. She was also Nora’s nanny when she was a child. She is like a mother to Nora.

Emmy: Nora and Torvald’s 6 year old daughter. She loves to play with Nora and is very much loved by the both of them.


If you want to audition but can’t make it or have any questions please reach out to Leah at leahjensen17@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

Oct 10th


Legally Blonde Performance Crew

Author By Administrator

Thank you to the crew for Legally Blonde for the time you’ve put in thus far to make this production a success. There is still a long way to go, so don’t let up!

Below you will find crew assignments for the performance crew. You must send me a message via Remind or an email to accept your crew position.

As a reminder, the following dates are all mandatory for the performance crew:

Wednesday, November 2nd from 3:15-7pm – Sit Sing w/ Orchestra (sound crew only)
Thursday, November 3rd from 3:15-7pm – Sit Sing w/ Orchestra (sound crew only)
Saturday, November 5th from 9am-3pm or later – Tech Saturday
Monday, November 7th from 3:15-7pm or later – Dress Rehearsal
Tuesday, November 8th from 9am-4pm – Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday, November 9th from 3:15-7pm or later – Dress Rehearsal
Thursday, November 10th from 3:15-7pm or later – Dress Rehearsal
Friday, November 11th at 6pm – Performance Call Time
Saturday, November 12th at 5:30pm – Performance Call Time
Sunday, November 13th at 12:30pm – Performance Call Time
Wednesday, November 16th from 3:15-7pm – Understudy Run
Thursday, November 17th from 3:15-6:30pm – Pickup Rehearsal
Friday, November 18th at 5:30pm – Performance Call Time
Saturday, November 19th at 5:30pm – Performance Call Time
Sunday, November 20th at 12:30pm – Performance Call Time & Strike

If you don’t see your name on the list and believe it should be, please contact me. All those that expressed interest in participating on the performance crew have been given a position.

Technical Director

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