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The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Woodbury Community Theater, East Metro Symphony Orchestra and many of our community's best fine arts events. If you have not yet visited the Loft, check out Wendy and Peter Pan, coming to the Loft Stage this May!
NOVEMBER 1-10 The Drowsy Chaperone

In this Tony-award-winning musical farce, the unnamed protagonist (man in a chair) seeks solace from his blues by tuning in to his favorite, albeit fictional, musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. As his record playing fills his lonely apartment, so too does the musical itself! A show within a show, the story deals with love, mistaken identity, gangsters posing as pastry chefs, all wrapped up in a satirical bow. You won't want to miss this jazzy and hilarious show!

Aug 19th


The Loft Stage Theatre Workshop

Author By Jared

Make sure to attend our theatre workshop THIS Friday from 12:30-6:30! This is only open for current lefties or incoming ERHS freshman. Please contact Katie Carlson (kcarlson@theloftstage.org) with any questions regarding acting or Jared Doran (jared.doran@theloftstage.org) with any tech questions. Hope to see you all there!!

May 22nd


Auditions for “The Drowsy Chaperone”

Author By Carlson

We will audition for our fall musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, the last week in August. If for some reason a student is unable to attend auditions due to summer conflicts, please contact director Kajsa Jones at kjones@theloftstage.org ASAP so we can arrange an alternative audition time.

Prior to auditioning, actors and actresses must complete the following online form: https://forms.gle/MwyREzQPB9zCSFk4A

Auditions will take place Monday, August 26th and Tuesday, August 26th at 3:30pm in the Loft Stage. Students need only come to one of these two audition days – we encourage returning Lofties to audition on Monday if at all possible. For the audition, students may prepare a song in the vocal styling of the show or learn a song from Drowsy at auditions. Sheet music for that selection is attached for perusal. Auditions will include an acting, singing, and dancing portion. Pease wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Tap shoes are not required but are highly encouraged.

Callbacks will be Wednesday, August 29th at 3:30pm in the choir room (rm. 1055). As students prepare for and consider the many dynamic roles this production has to offer, please do not feel limited by the age and/or gender of characters. The creative team is open to actor interpretations and risk-taking.

Any additional questions regarding auditions can be sent to director Kajsa Jones (kjones@theloftstage.org) or assistant director Katie Carlson (kcarlson@theloftstage.org).



Mar 21st


Wendy and Peter Pan by Ella Hickson

Author By Carlson

Our spring play, Wendy & Peter Pan, pays homage to the original J.M. Barrie Peter Pan but brings some of the characters and content into the 21st century. Many of the beloved characters like Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and more are still there but with a modern twist. Beyond battling the ruthless Captain Hook, these characters grapple with what it truly means to be lost and how resiliency and courage can transcend both death and time. On the production side of things, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing in a professional fly company and, for the first time ever, we will have students flying on stage!

Tickets are currently available for purchase using the link above!

Feb 27th


Wendy & Peter Pan Cast List

Author By Administrator

Remember: The character you reveal when you see the cast list is far more important than the character you play in a production. Choose creation over destruction, always. ❤

Thank you to all of the amazing talent who auditioned! For those of you who did not make the cast, do not feel discouraged. There were so many talented students and so few roles to fill. Please don’t stop auditioning because you all have wonderful gifts to share with the East Ridge theatre program! If you are still interested in being involved in other areas of the production, please attend the tech meeting Friday at 4:00PM in the choir room.

Cast members! There will be a read through Thursday after school at 3:30PM in the black box theatre. Make sure to bring a notebook and pencil.


Wendy  Lauren Nelson
Peter Pan  Cam Stevens
John  Adam Garrity
Michael  Alex Doran
Tinker Bell  Gabby Franus
Mr. Darling  Jack Johnson
Mrs. Darling  Kat Grannis
Hook  McCrossen Schiller
Smee  Elizabeth Avery
Martin  Erik Haering
Tiger Lily  Victoria Pommalath
Jones  Ethan Williams
Murt  Erik Rasmussen
Doc Swain  Alex Bretoi
Skylights  Sammy Trevis
Tootles  Alexa Sandberg
Slightly  Benjamin Sayers
Curly  Reed Williams
Nibs  Maren Vandeest
Crocodile  Olivia Voerster
Ensemble Pirate Meghan Roeser
Jonas Hallstrom
Ensemble Lost Boys Grace Loetz
Maggie Barringer
Shadows Abby Feuer
Allison Benjamin
Anya Steffel
Baylee Stevenson
Meghan Horan

Jan 28th


Spring Play Auditions!

Author By Carlson

Auditions for this year’s spring play, Wendy & Peter Pan, are Monday and Tuesday, February 25-26th right after school in the black box theatre. Students only need come to one day of auditions. Callbacks will be posted online Tuesday night (2/26) and will take place Wednesday, February 27th right after school. There is no need to prepare anything for the audition; instead, students will be performing cold reads from the actual show. There will be a movement portion to the audition, so please dress comfortably and be prepared to move. While English accents will be used for the show, they are not required for the audition.

All those auditioning must fill out the following Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/AzjSWMJjull95Nh42

As always, students are encouraged to read/research the play to get a better idea of the plot, themes, and characters.

A full list of characters can be found HERE.

Online script access can be found HERE.

See Mrs. Carlson in the theatre office or email (kcarlson1@sowashco.org) with any questions.

Interested in participating in technical crew? Fill out the tech interest form and join us Friday, March 1st after school in the choir room for our first tech crew meeting. Those unable to the make the meeting should email our technical director, Jimmy Stocco, at jstocco@theloftstage.org.

Jan 15th


District 833 One Act Festival

Author By Carlson

Please join us this Friday at 7:00PM at Woodbury High School for the District 833 One Act Festival. The cost is $5 for general admission to see all three productions.

East Ridge’s one act play is She Kills Monsters young adventures edition, a play by Qui Nguyen. Our winter one act play is a contemporary work set in the walls of an average high school (1995 – Athens, Ohio and the imaginary land of New Landia); what’s not so average, is the journey these students embark. After the untimely death of her younger sister Tilly, Agnes has to face, both literally and figuratively, the ghosts of her past through the old avatars of her sister’s Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s only through these battles that Agnes is able to fully gain closure and learn who her sister really was.

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