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The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events.

The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary
venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events. If you have not yet visited the Loft, check out Legally Blonde,
coming this November to The Loft Stage!

May 24th


Heathers Cast List

Author By Administrator
Veronica Sawyer Lauren Nelson
J.D. Erik Haering
Heather Chandler Ava Bartel
Heather McNamara Sky Bramel
Heather Duke Ava Hattenberger
Martha Dunnstock Sara Cross
Ram Sweeney Diago Paredes
Kurt Kelly Logan Schlosser
Ram’s Dad / Big Bud Dean Erik Rasmussen
Kurt’s Dad / Veronica’s Dad Jason Chang
Coach Ripper Triston Her
Ms. Fleming Sydney Baxter
Principal Gowan Elizabeth Avery
Ensemble Bella Bovitz
Eliana Hoidale
Julia Lawson
Kate Thurlow
Kenji Yang
Ky Tolbert
Lauren Lee
Macey Spolidoro
Riley Hestwood
Trinity Hobot
Yeram Hong

Apr 24th


Heathers Workshop Intensive

Author By Administrator

“Heathers the Musical: Teen Edition” Workshop Intensive

Performances will be concert style in the Black Box at East Ridge High School

Open to all individuals 9th grade through 21 regardless of the school they are attending or previously attended

Heathers the Musical Plot


Virtual audition information meeting Wednesday, May 11th at 4pm
Audition Information Zoom Meeting
Auditions May 17th & 18th from 3:30-6pm or submitted virtually
Audition Form (cannot use a school Google account)
Alternate Audition Form
Please contact Jimmy at jstocco@theloftstage.org if you have problems with the audition form.
Acting Audition Monologue
Singing Audition Cutting
Singing Audition Accompaniment
(start accompaniment track at 2:25)

Tech Crew

Virtual tech crew information meeting Thursday, May 19th at 4pm
Tech Crew Information Zoom Meeting
Tech Crew Form

What to Prepare for Auditions

Please bring a 16-32 bar cutting (approx. 1 minute) of a song in the style of the show. Auditioners should bring recorded accompaniment, a speaker and hook ups will be provided. You may also sing the selected piece (link here) and accompaniment will be provided. There will not be a dance portion to this audition.


Join your peers to create a concert performance of “Heathers the Musical: Teen Edition”. Dive into the deliciously-dark world of “Heathers” while honing your technique and creating a full-length performance. Whether you’re an experienced performer looking to deepen your knowledge or a new-comer wanting to get involved in theater, this is a great place for you. If you are interested in performing you will be asked to audition, and can register following casting. If you are interested in tech crew you will be asked to attend the tech crew information meeting and fill out the tech crew form, and can register following the posting of the tech crew list. Ages 16-20 are eligible to participate and there will be a $50 registration fee.


Monday, June 6th from 10am-2pm
Tuesday, June 7th from 12-4pm
Wednesday, June 8th from 12-4pm
Thursday, June 9th from 6-10pm
Friday, June 10th from 12-4pm

Tuesday, June 14th from 6-10pm
Wednesday, June 15th from 6-10pm
Thursday, June 16th from 6-10pm
Friday, June 17th from 6-10pm
Saturday, June 18th from 10am-2pm

Tech Crew Schedule

Set Construction, Lighting, and Sound Crews

Monday, June 6th from 6-9pm
Tuesday, June 7th from 6-9pm
Wednesday, June 8th from 6-9pm
Saturday, June 11th from 9am-3pm

Tuesday, June 14th from 6-9pm
Wednesday, June 15th from 6-9pm
Thursday, June 16th from 6-9pm
Saturday, June 18th from 9am-3pm or later

Tech Rehearsals

Monday, June 20th from 10am-6pm
Tuesday, June 21st from 3-6pm and 7-10pm
Wednesday, June 22nd from 3-6pm and 7-10pm
Thursday, June 23rd from 3-6pm and 7-10pm


Friday, June 24th at 7pm
Saturday, June 25th at 2pm and 7pm
Sunday, June 26th at 6:30pm

Apr 17th


The Tempest Tech Crew

Author By Administrator

Thank you to the crew for The Tempest for the time you’ve put in thus far to make this production a success. Below you will find crew assignments for the performance crew. You must send Jimmy a message via Remind or an email to accept your crew position.

If you don’t see your name on the list and believe it should be, please contact Jimmy. All those that expressed interest in participating on the performance crew have been given a position.

Jimmy & Leah

Deck Captain Haejin Lee
Assistant Deck Captain Kylie Estochen
Props Captain Neela Estochen
Lighting Crew Ethan Olson
Alex Ireland
Sound Crew Riley Gisch
Elizabeth Hong
Mikayla Gillard
Video Crew Howard Reinbold
Maia Nguyen
Emily Anderson
Mikayla Gillard
Costume Running Crew Amelia Kullman
Ava Hattenberger
Ayanna Patani
Sharyle Hammer
Kiley Tatarka
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