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The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events.
JUNE 10-19 Grease

Grease, coyly named after the 50s working-class subculture known as the “greasers,” is a beloved rock and roll musical
set at the fictional Rydell High School. The teens in this show navigate the complexities of peer pressure, politics, core values, and love.

Sep 24th


Why Choose the “School Edition” and what does “School Edition” Really Mean?

Author By Carlson

Ticket sales for our fall production of Les Miserables begin THIS FRIDAY!

While the show is fairly well known, the school edition differs a bit from the original production.

So the question remains…

Why Choose the “School Edition” and what does “School Edition” Really Mean?

One of the many questions we received after selecting Les Miserables as our fall production was “why choose the ‘school edition?’” After perusing several scores we landed on Les Miserables as a rich and challenging text for both students and audiences alike. The only issue with doing this show this year is that the touring company of Les Mis will be in Minnesota within the same calendar year, restricting rights for the original production. If we wanted to continue pursuing this show, our only legal option was to apply for school edition rights; and after reviewing the differences between the two versions, we felt the story, characters, conflict, and score were still the right fit for our season.

So the question remains, what does “school edition” actually mean? It’s first important to understand what “school edition” doesn’t mean (ie – censorship). Contrary to the connotation, the school edition of Les Mis does not sanitize language nor does it remove the mature situations on the battlefield or the docks. Instead, the school edition seeks to abridge a lengthy score by removing a few unnecessary musical interludes, namely the counterpoint section of “The Confrontation,” much of “Dog Eats Dog,” and the “Wedding Chorale.” Thankfully, many of the most iconic Les Mis moments are very much in tact in this version, we’ll just be able to end the show at a more reasonable hour!

For families wondering appropriateness of content for young audiences, we definitely leave that decision up to the discretion of parents and guardians; however, the content and language would merit a PG-13 rating. If you have any specific questions about content, feel free to email director Kajsa Jones (kjones@theloftstage.org).

Sep 11th


Musical Parent Meeting Recap

Author By Carlson


Thanks so much for coming to the parent info session last night! As always, it was great to see familiar faces and it was even more wonderful to see some new ones. We love to have the involvement from as many parents as we can, so your interest in and willingness to help keeps our program afloat!

Here is a brief summary of key details from the meeting. The full slideshow can be found here.

  1. Please take a few moments to fill out the following google form. We use information from this for future parent contact and for creating volunteer committees.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVFvglt11vBUb-XZtzyHtT88pS3Pd_Z9tiT3nz2m7YApl_Kw/viewform
  2. Please sign up for the Les Mis Remind – @erlesmis – We will use this form of communication for quick and important announcements. There was a parent request to use this during tech week to inform parents of extended rehearsal times as we tend to run later into the evening the week before opening. We appreciate this request and will do our best to let families know through this channel.
  3. The online rehearsal calendar is updated for the next two weeks and can be viewed here:https://theloftstage.org/erhs-theater/public-calendar/
  4. Should a student need to miss rehearsal, he or she is responsible for communicating any unexpected absences proactively to both Kajsa Jones (kjones@theloftstage.org) and to me (kcarlson1@sowashco.org).
  5. Please register online for the musical via the Activities office FeePay system: https://sowashco.feepay.com/ All musical participants are required to register by Friday, September 14th.
  6. If you haven’t already done so, you can order your Les Mis t-shirt here: https://store.theloftstage.org/
  7.  Remember to completely clear your schedules after MEA.
  8. Lastly, here are a few more important dates to put on your calendars:

9/12 – Children’s Auditions – encourage those little performers to come audition!

9/21 – Program Photos – if you are not there that day, your photo will be omitted from the program

9/28 – tshirt and makeup kit orders due

9/29 – Poster plaster

MEA Weekend – Set load in (optional but we’d LOVE your help!)

10/25 – First combined rehearsal with orchestra

10/27 – Sound Tech Saturday

11/3 – Tech Saturday

11/9-11 & 11/16-18 – Performances

11/18 – Set Strike

Please let Kajsa Jones, director (kjones@theloftstage.org) and/or Katie Carlson, assistant director (kcarlson@theloftstage.org) know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to our fabulous booster board all of whom have email contacts listed here: https://theloftstage.org/erhs-theater/boosters/


Sep 7th


Les Mis Tech Crew

Author By Administrator

Tech Crew Presentation

Please complete the following tech interest form so that we know what you are interested in doing once we start assigning crew roles. Please note that only performance crew positions are assigned and production crews are open to anyone who has registered and would like to join.

Tech Crew Interest Form

Sep 2nd


Les Mis Children’s Auditions

Author By Carlson

The Loft Stage is seeking energetic performers ages 4th-8th grade. We are looking to cast Young Cosette (F), Young Eponine (F), and Gavroche (M). Please prepare a song from the show, either “Castle on a Cloud” (female) or “Little People” (male). Sheet music is attached and accompaniment will be provided. Auditions will take place in the East Ridge High School Choir Room.

Aug 29th


Les Miserables Cast

Author By Administrator

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for “Les Miserables.” We were so impressed with what you showed us and are incredibly proud of the work you did. We had a higher number of students audition this year than we have the past 4 years! If you were not cast, please continue to audition in the future and consider joining tech. The first technical crew meeting is Friday, September 7th at 3:45 in the choir room. The first rehearsal will be Thursday, August 30 in the Black Box.

Valjean – Ethan Williams
Fantine – Kat Grannis
Javert – Alex Bretoi
Marius – Jack Johnson
Cosette – Abby Feuer
Thenardier – McCrossen Schiller
Madam Thenardier – Elizabeth Avery
Enjolras – Carter Bannwarth
Eponine – Baylee Stevenson


Adam Garrity
Adam Ryerse
Alex Doran
Alexa Sandberg
Allison Benjamin
Anya Lu
Anya Steffel
Arsema Belai
Bella Massa
Benjamin Sayers
Cam Stevens
Cassie Gleason
Derek Dols
Emily Johnson
Emma Lilly
Emma Pfeifer
Erik Haering
Erik Rasmussen
Franklin Rapp
Gabby Franus
Iris Youngdahl
Janie Mooreland
Jason Chang
Jonas Hallstrom
Kate Christensen
Lauren Mallak
Lauren Nelson
Lindsey Seif
Luke Pfluger
Maggie Barringer
Maren VanDeest
Maria Grismer
Megan Macone-Handy
Meghan Horan
Meghan Roeser
Miracle Etuakwu
Natalie Engh
Reed Williams
Sammy Trevis
Savannah John
Sydney Baxter
Sydney Bramel
Sydney Richmond
Valentina Arias Garcia
Victoria Pommalath

***Supporting roles are still to be named from the ensemble