Welcome to The Loft Stage

The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events.

The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary
venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events. If you have not yet visited the Loft, check out The SpongeBob Musical,
coming this November to The Loft Stage!

Sep 28th


2020 Fall Play Cast

Author By Administrator

Thank you all for submitting your audition videos. We thoroughly enjoyed watching your videos from the comfort of a living room. If you were not cast, please do not be discouraged. We would encourage you to participate on the crew or try out for a future production.

The tech crew meeting is tomorrow afternoon at 3pm virtually.
Virtual Tech Meeting Link

Cast, our first meeting is Wednesday, September 30th in the theater. The supporting players are called for the entire rehearsal. The individual casts will be called at:
3:30pm – Mark of the Beast
4:15pm – The Cask of Amontillado
5:00pm – The Canterville Ghost

Mark of the Beast
Alex Doran
Erik Haering
Lawson Sharrer
Ethan Kalafatich
Adam Garrity
Lauren Nelson

The Canterville Ghost
Allison Benjamin
Reed Williams
Alexa Sandberg
Hunter Fizel
Natalie Engh
Zoe Sellner-Keer
Erik Rasmussen
Alexa Grace LaFontaine-Larson

The Cask of Amontillado
Connor Hestwood
Carter Bannwarth
Chandler Schmitz
Lindsey Seif

Supporting Players
Henry North
Benjamin Sayers
Addyson Clemens
Ava Hattenberger

Sep 24th


2020 Fall Play Information

Author By Administrator

About the Show(s)

Our 2020 Fall Play production consists of three radio plays adapted from classic works by Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.

The Cask of Amontillado: Driven by his burning desire to avenge his family’s suffering and father’s death. Montressor tricks his arrogant and boastful archrival into assisting in his own hideous demise.

The Mark of the Beast: A lack of respect for the spiritual power of the Monkey God exacts a horrible price on a soldier.

The Canterville Ghost: Doomed to spend the rest of his life haunting a castle a ghost’s wish is finally granted thanks to a single act of kindness by a child.


About Auditions

To maintain social distancing we are asking folks to submit a video for their audition. This video should be a recording of you reading one of the monologues provided in the sides. Please also slate* in your video as a separate character from the character you are reading. Feel free to experiment with dialects, expressions and gestures in your reading. You will be able to submit your video in the audition form.

If you have any questions please email either Marcie or Leah.

* For those who don’t know a slate is an introduction before your audition. For instance a slate might sound like: Hi my name is (Insert Name here) and I will be reading monologue #2. For this audition we would like you to slate as another character(not yourself).

Audition Sides
Audition Form *
Audition Info Presentation

* The audition form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Audition Form.


About Tech

If you are interested in participating on the tech crew for this production, you are highly encouraged to attend the virtual tech crew meeting on Tuesday, September 29th at 3pm. Please also complete the tech interest form so that we know who all is interested.

While we need techs for every area, it is more important than ever that we have a full video crew as we will be live streaming the performances each night. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know to fill out the interest form.

Tech Interest Form *
Tech Crew Info Presentation

* The tech form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Tech Form.


About the Rehearsals

Rehearsals for this production will take place in the theater from 3:30pm until 6:30pm during the week. The three separate casts will rehearse separately with time provided in between for sanitizing the space.

Please see the calendar for specific rehearsal times. This will also be updated to reflect who is called when.


About Performances

So long as school doesn’t move to distance learning, performances for the production will take place in person in the theater. At this time there will not be a live audience in the theater, but each performance will be live streamed to a virtual audience.

Performances will take place November 13-15th, with strike taking place on November 15th immediately following the performance.


About Safety

Covid-19 Preparedness Plan

Apr 24th


Online Lighting Workshop (feat. the one and only Mark Ruark)!

Author By Jared

Our online lighting workshop is happening!!!

If you’re interested (or know anyone in 8th grade that will be attending East Ridge High School), please click the link below to register. This workshop will be covering the basics of lighting design and you will be able to learn how a professional lighting designer does his job. Mark Ruark who designs the lighting for the Loft’s musicals will be teaching this workshop. Everything from types of lighting fixtures, to design process, to how to operate the lighting board will be covered. Questions will be answered throughout the workshop via the chat feature and if you have any questions you’d like to ask in person, those will be answered after Mark finishes talking about all the different aspects of lighting design. If you have any questions, please contact Jared Doran (jared.doran@theloftstage.org) with any questions! Space is limited so sign up fast!


Apr 3rd


Are you bored and want to learn more about tech?

Author By Jared

Hi everyone!!

I hope that you’re all doing well and getting through these tough times.

Since there’s not much to do outside of our houses, I wanted to give you all some resources that could be useful if you’re interested in learning more about tech and how it all works. Below I’ll attach some links for everyone to check out and a description of what it is. If you have any questions about anything in particular or want specific resources that aren’t listed below, please reach out to me at jared.doran@theloftstage.org with any questions and I’ll get back to you very quickly as I seem to have more time on my hands recently…



  • Dante Certification Level 1: audinate.com/certify
    • Learn the surface of how audio is transmitted over ethernet
    • You will need to create an account
    • It is a learning curve and there is a test at the end
  • EOS training: https://courses.etcconnect.com/ 
    • Basic knowledge of how to work and operate the lighting console at East Ridge (as well as any other EOS console)
    • Enroll in the EOS Family Level: 1 Essentials course frist
    • If interested, you can do any of the other ones that look interesting but I would recommend doing Level 2 and Level 3 if you want to go further
    • You’ll need to create an account
    • There are tests and quizzes but they are pretty easy

Advanced (I would only recommend if you really want to go in depth on information. These courses are very lengthy and highly advanced)

  • Q-SYS Training: https://training.qsc.com/course/view.php?id=7
    • Q-SYS is a highly flexible and scalable audio and control solution
    • These videos are highly advanced and you’ll need to download the software to follow along
    • In order to get the certification, you’ll need to pass may quizzes as well as take a final exam that includes creating your own Q-SYS design and submitting it for review
    • This system is used in the gym at ERHS and we are going to implement it district wide for paging control
  • Dante Certification Level 2 and Level 3: audinate.com/certify
    • Go in depth about Dante network protocol and learn advanced systems as well as how to troubleshoot
    • You will need to create an account
    • Tests are very detailed and lengthy


Again, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you’re looking for specific resources!



Mar 20th


Quarantine Hobbit Character Homework

Author By Leah

We are going to continue to work on the Hobbit! Here is your assignment. (besides learning your lines using your dialects).

I would like each individual in each group (Goblins, Dwarves, Men, Trolls, Gollum) to come up with a physical posture.

You can build this physicality using the stock character building process below:

*What position are feet in. (feet out, in, on toes etc.)

*What is happening with the knees (does this character lead with knees, are the knees bowed or     knocked)

*Hips:  Forward or back (butt more prominent?)

*Back:  Arched? Slouched? Straight?

*Chest:  forward, concave?

*Shoulders:  Up, down, forward, back, crooked?

*Neck:  Stiff, pulling head forward or back?

*Face:  lips scrunched, crooked, pursed or tight lips (when not talking of course but do you talk and can you talk with one of these elements.

Once you have built this character take a picture of yourself and send it to me and then I will send it to Leah to post on the website.  Meredith and I will look at them and try to pick the dominant posture for each group (remembering that each goblin, dwarves, etc.  should be somewhat similar as they share the same DNA). Hoping this will be fun for all of us.  Remember be creative and don’t hold back!

 Meredith is going to record the core fight moves we went over the last rehearsal so you all can continue to go over those.  Choreographing the fights will go much faster if you are solid on the moves.