For those that missed the parent meeting, you can find the presentation here. Please reach out to one of the directors if you have any questions.
Remember, the character you show when you look at a cast list is much more important than a character in a play. Thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned for The Wizard of Oz. We so admire your bravery and hard work; you made this a difficult task for us all!...
Thank you all for auditioning! Everyone who came out this afternoon did a fantastic job! It’s a bit cliché to say, but it’s true casting is not a simple process. Unfortunately we only have so many roles in the show and so we had to make some hard decisions. There is still more opportunities to...
**Update Auditions moved to Wednesday November 30th** Auditions for this year’s one act play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen are Tuesday November 29th after school in the Black Box Theatre with Callbacks the following day. Performances will be January 20th with sub-sections at East Ridge on January 25th. What to prepare for auditions: Please...
Veronica Sawyer Lauren Nelson J.D. Erik Haering Heather Chandler Ava Bartel Heather McNamara Sky Bramel Heather Duke Ava Hattenberger Martha Dunnstock Sara Cross Ram Sweeney Diago Paredes Kurt Kelly Logan Schlosser Ram’s Dad / Big Bud Dean Erik Rasmussen Kurt’s Dad / Veronica’s Dad Jason Chang Coach Ripper Triston Her Ms. Fleming Sydney Baxter Principal...
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The Loft Circle ($2000+)
The Gilboe Family
Heart and Mind Fund of Diana Hestwood and Earl Orf
The Ippoliti Family
The Jones Family
The John and Darla Samuelson Family
The Parenteau Stevens Family

Angels ($1000-$1999)
The Benjamin Famliy
The Feuer Family
The Haering Family
The Pfluger Family
The Sorensen Family
The Spicuzza Family
Jimmy Stocco, III
The Winston Family
The Youngdahl Family

Benefactors ($500-$999)
The Avent Family
The Bannwarth Family
The Eckberg Family
Chance and Michele Garrity
Greg and Lori Kostick
The Roeser Family
The Stevenson Family
The Sullivan Family

Donors ($250-$499)
The Bartel Family
The Bramel Family
Brian and Kris Christensen
The Dols/Montermini Family
The Emery Family
The Engert Family
The Grannis Family
The Reimann Family
The Ryerse Family
The Sayers Family
The Sharrer Family
The Sherburne Family
The Weber Family

Advocates ($100-$249)
Alex Berger
The Chang Family
The Deppa Family
Jim and Cindy Dunlap
The Erikstrup Family
The Finn Family
Richard and Melanie Foy
The Fritz Family
Craig and Monica Hamer
Amanda Hestwood
The Horan Family
Lynda James-Gilboe
The Krish Family
The LaFontaine-Larson Family
Beth Martin
Sandra Masgai
(in Memory of Grandpa Gene)
The May Family
The McCoy Family
The Miller Family
The NewKirk Family
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Ann and Greg O’Meara
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The Sandberg Family
Katherine Spicuzza
Jody Stibitz
The Trevis Family
Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club
The VanDeest Family
The Walker Family
(in Memory of Flo Walker)
The Williams Family

Friends ($25-$99)
Laurie Asunma
The Doran Family
The Dulka Family
Juliana Elchert
Gerald and Carol Jevning
(in Memory of Richard W. Jones)
The Melody Lee Family
Louise Ouradnik
Brigitte Parenteau
Debby Reisinger
Vickie and Mike Roeser
The Sayers Family
The Seif Family
Melissa Steinke
Jody Stibitz
Cindy Thompson and Family
Phillip Victor
Kay Welte