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The Loft Stage at East Ridge, a 938 seat state of the art facility, is home to East Ridge High School Band, Orchestra, Choir and Theater as well as the primary venue for Merrill Arts Center and many of our community's best fine arts events.

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NOVEMBER 13-15 A Trio of Thrilling Tales

The Cask of Amontillado: Driven by his burning desire to avenge his family’s suffering and father’s death. Montressor tricks his arrogant and boastful archrival into assisting in his own hideous demise.

The Mark of the Beast: A lack of respect for the spiritual power of the Monkey God exacts a horrible price on a soldier.

The Canterville Ghost: Doomed to spend the rest of his life haunting a castle a ghost’s wish is finally granted thanks to a single act of kindness by a child.

Mar 4th


Loft Stage Team for Relay for Life

Author By Director

This year LoftPAC is starting a team for the South Washington County Relay for Life event! 

This team is for Bridget Olson, an aluma of our theatre program, and a cancer survivor. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Relay for Life, it’s an event that happens multiple times in various states and cities that raises money for the American Cancer Society. The event we’re participating in will be here at East Ridge High school on June 10th from 6pm to 6am. (Yes, it’s over night although it’s up to you on how long you’re able to stay.) There’s multiple teams participating, fundraising and donating to help find a cure to cancer. On the night of Relay, all of the teams have tents lining the track and have something to sell or do to raise money that night. Once we have assembled a team we can work together to come up with ideas for our teams fundraising! 🙂 When at relay when not at our tent, we will walk the track, attend opening and closing ceremonies, help light the luminary bags, and have a great time for a great cause. 

Here’s how to join our team: 

  • Go to the website  www.relayforlife.org 
  • Click on ‘find an event’
  • Search for Woodbury and then click ‘sign up’ under ‘Relay for Life South Washington County -Woodbury, MN’
  • You will have to create an account if you don’t already have one (this is super easy)
  • Then register under the team “Bridget’s Lofties”

It’s up to you on how much you want to fundraise/donate. As of now our team goal is set at $1,000 which is the suggested starting goal. This is subject to change as we start to develop our team.

I’d like to encourage you and your family members to join our relay team and participate in this event as its for such a wonderful cause that is very close to home for many of us.  

Isabella Wurm-LoftPAC Community Outeach Officer

Mar 2nd


Stars on Broadway Features Lofties!

Author By Director

WCT’s Stars on Broadway will feature many names familiar to The Loft Stage. Lofties Abby Feuer, Faith Goetzke, Ethan Williams, Tony May, Brendan Finn and Joey Engh are all featured in the production. Isabella Wurm is playing the piano and technician Colleen Jensen is running lights. Don’t miss what promises to be a wonderful evening of Disney moments. For tickets call 651-200-4610.


Feb 23rd


Spring Play Auditions

Author By Director

Auditions for the Spring Play, Still Life With Iris, will be held on March 14-15 with callbacks on March 17.

Info on the play 

Students should plan to attend either March 14 or March 15 and stay until auditions are done.

You will be reading from the sides posted.   

 Actors will be expected to help in making/designing their own costume be prepared to spend time in the costume shop after rehearsals to work on your costume.  This may involve going as a group to thrift stores on a Saturday to pick out your coat and decorations. 

Rehearsals begin immediately Friday, March 18. 

Special skills—we are looking for 1 or 2 people who can do sound effects and will be part of the cast as workers in the land of Nocturno and Great Island. They will be on stage through out the show much like a pit band.  I would like to audition you for sound effects that you can make without any equipment(altho we may still use some).  These effects would be birds chirping, wind, crickets, etc.  Come with as many as you can make. 

Audition From (please complete prior to auditions)

Sides for Auditions:

1602231822280014 1602231822280014 1602231822280013 1602231822280012 1602231822280011 1602231822280010 1602231822280009 1602231822280008 1602231822280007 1602231822280006 1602231822280005 1602231822280004 1602231822280003 1602231822280002

Jan 21st


Spotlight Awards Announced for Fall 2015

Author By Director

Congratulations to the following award winners who received notice from the Hennepin Theatre Trust for the Loft Stage production of Fiddler on the Roof. 


Outstanding Overall Production
Outstanding Overall Performance
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Honorable Mention Vocal Performance by an Ensemble
Outstanding Acting Performance by an Ensemble
Honorable Mention Movement/Dance Performance by an Ensemble
Outstanding Overall Technical Team
Outstanding Technical Crew
Outstanding Student Orchestra
Honorable Mention A/V Board Operators
Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role Brendan Finn as Tevye
Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role Christina Ippoliti as Hodel
Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role Kaylee Cates as Yente
Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role Dylan Degler as Lazar Wolf
Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role Kat Grannis as Fruma-Sarah
Honorable Mention in a Leading Role Maggie Eckberg as Golde
Honorable Mention in a Leading Role Clara Grismer as Tzeital
Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role Tegan Jones as Chava
Honorable Mention in a Featured Role Erin Foy as Grandma Tzeital
Technical Leadership Nomination Sophie Pfluger as Stage Manager
Honorable Mention in a Leadership Role Isabella Wurm as Student Orchestra Conductor
Evaluator Shout-Out Mark May
Evaluator Shout-Out Michael Miller
Evaluator Shout-Out Ben McKenzie
Evaluator Shout-Out Alec McCoy
Evaluator Shout-Out Carl Erikstrup
Evaluator Shout-Out Erin Foy (Hodel Understudy)

Dec 17th


2nd Annual Alumni Cabaret

Author By Director

Alumni Cabaret

Our 2nd Annual Alumni Cabaret will be held on December 26th at 7:00pm in the Black Box Theatre at East Ridge. Join us for an evening of song, dance and memories as more than a dozen of our talented alumni share their talents to support the LoftPAC’s Community Outreach for 2015-16. Cost is a free-will donation.