• Apr 3rd


    Author By Jared

    Are you bored and want to learn more about tech?

    Hi everyone!!

    I hope that you’re all doing well and getting through these tough times.

    Since there’s not much to do outside of our houses, I wanted to give you all some resources that could be useful if you’re interested in learning more about tech and how it all works. Below I’ll attach some links for everyone to check out and a description of what it is. If you have any questions about anything in particular or want specific resources that aren’t listed below, please reach out to me at with any questions and I’ll get back to you very quickly as I seem to have more time on my hands recently…



    • Dante Certification Level 1:
      • Learn the surface of how audio is transmitted over ethernet
      • You will need to create an account
      • It is a learning curve and there is a test at the end
    • EOS training: 
      • Basic knowledge of how to work and operate the lighting console at East Ridge (as well as any other EOS console)
      • Enroll in the EOS Family Level: 1 Essentials course frist
      • If interested, you can do any of the other ones that look interesting but I would recommend doing Level 2 and Level 3 if you want to go further
      • You’ll need to create an account
      • There are tests and quizzes but they are pretty easy

    Advanced (I would only recommend if you really want to go in depth on information. These courses are very lengthy and highly advanced)

    • Q-SYS Training:
      • Q-SYS is a highly flexible and scalable audio and control solution
      • These videos are highly advanced and you’ll need to download the software to follow along
      • In order to get the certification, you’ll need to pass may quizzes as well as take a final exam that includes creating your own Q-SYS design and submitting it for review
      • This system is used in the gym at ERHS and we are going to implement it district wide for paging control
    • Dante Certification Level 2 and Level 3:
      • Go in depth about Dante network protocol and learn advanced systems as well as how to troubleshoot
      • You will need to create an account
      • Tests are very detailed and lengthy


    Again, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if you’re looking for specific resources!



  • Mar 5th


    Author By Carlson

    March LoftPAC Meeting

    Here is the link to the slideshow:

    March Slideshow!

    Quick Summary:

    • Log your Thespian points!
    • Get involved in and register for the spring play
    • Consider joining the Relay for Life committee
    • Mark your calendars for the theatre banquet (Friday, May 15th)
    • Get hyped about Chamber Theatre!

    Please reach out to any of the officers if you have any questions! Have a great spring break!

  • Feb 7th


    Author By Jared

    February Meeting

    Here’s the link to the slide show:

    February Slide Show!


    Quick Summary:

    • Check out some theater opportunities in the community!
    • Donate to our service project!
    • Get ready for the spring play!


    Please reach out to any of the officers if you have any questions! Have a good rest of the month!


  • Jan 10th


    Author By Jared

    January LoftPAC Meeting

    Hi all!

    Here’s the link to the meeting presentation


    Make sure to sign up for our communication tools

    • Online calendar (
    • Remind (Text 81010 @loftpac)
    • Instagram (@theloftstage)
    • Twitter (@TheLoftStage)
    • Reach out to officers
    • Meeting minutes (THIS!)

    Submit Thespian points HERE

    Improve Workshop on January 11th from 2-4pm (contact with any questions)

    Spotlight Tech Masterclass signup HERE (contact with any questions)

    One Act Festival on January 17th at 7pm at WHS

    Once On This Island at the Ordway on Wednesday February 5th at 11am (will miss school)

    Anastasia at the Orpheum on Sunday April 5th at 1pm

    Freshman/Sophomores/Juniors!! – Advanced Acting and Directing as well as Creative Dramatics and Acting


    Please reach out to officers or Ms. Carlson with any questions at all!! Additionally, there’s more information on all the above events in the meeting presentation linked above.




  • Dec 10th


    Author By Jared

    December LoftPAC Meeting (How is it already December???)

    Hi All!

    I hope that December is going well for all you guys. Here’s the link to the December LoftPAC presentation.

    December Meeting

    Additionally, Play in a Day is coming up soon! (20th and 21st of December). Sign up. use this link: We’d love to have as many of you as possible! Techies, we also NEED you! If you have any questions about play-in-a-day, please feel free to reach out to me at

    Additionally, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO BUY BANDS VISIT TICKETS!!! We have a lot left so invite your friends and family or anyone you know who is interested. Buy tickets at

    Have a good rest of the Month,