• Jan 29th


    Author By Cindy

    Spotlight on Student Volunteers Anna Reimann and Abby Winston



     Q:  How are Loft students partnering with the the theater programs in local schools?

    Abby:  ERHS theater students volunteer in both elementary and middle schools in District 833. We have worked with Liberty Ridge and Middleton Elementary, and Cottage Grove, Lake, and Woodbury Middle Schools. We do anything from helping with auditions, “kid-wrangling,” and even student directing/choreographing!

    Q:  Where are you volunteering, and in what capacity?

    Anna:  I volunteer as a student director/ choreographer with two good friends from Woodbury High School at Woodbury Middle School. Last year I helped with “Grease” and am helping out with “Beauty and the Beast” junior this year!

    Abby:  I am about to start student directing “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” at Lake Middle School! The cast list was just posted last week, so I am excited to get started!

    Q:  What do you enjoy most about your position?

    Anna:  I love the ability to teach others and learn from them at the middle school! They are always a great bunch to work with and really love theater! It is rewarding to be able to be a mentor for them and relate to them through good times and bad, as well as share our experiences and hope to inspire them to do their best as they continue to do theater in high school!

    Abby:  Since I haven’t officially started yet, I don’t know! But just from helping with the auditions, I can tell that the middle school students really appreciate having high school students to guide them and be positive role models. High school theater kids are like celebrities to the middle schoolers!


  • Jan 27th


    Author By Director

    MN Thespians Perform Spring Awakening

    On February 14th at 7:00pm, the MN Thespian All-State show will be performed for the public on the Loft Stage. Featuring students from all over the state of Minnesota, these performers have been rehearsing for a year to bring this production to life. This coming of age story set in the late 1800’s deals with mature themes and is not recommended for  children. For tickets, please visit:


  • Jan 12th


    Author By Director

    Cast Goes Into the Woods on Fox 9

    On December 26, 2014, seven members of the ITW cast represented The Loft and the show by performing on FOX 9. Check out the video above to see our wonderful performers in action!

  • Jan 9th


    Author By Director

    Student Auditions

  • Jan 5th


    Author By Abby

    LoftPAC Meeting Minutes 1/5/15

    Happy New Year Lofties! Though we just finished a break, the ERHS LoftPAC is back in full swing again, and we kicked off the new year with a meeting! If you were not able to attend the meeting, here are all he things we talked about:

    1. Friday, January 9th @ 7 P.M. @ ERHS there will be an ERHS’ production of Into The Woods viewing party for all involved with the show whether that was in the orchestra, crew, or cast.

    2. Thursday, January 15th and Tuesday, January 20th: We are looking for help with Lake Middle School’s auditions for their production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This help will be needed right after school on both days and they are looking for as many volunteers as they can get. They are looking for people to calm nerves, play games, and have fun with the middle schoolers. Sign up sheets for both days are outside Ms.Hestwood’s office.

    3.  Friday, January 23rd @ Park High School: The District One-Act Festival. ERHS’ one-act production of Almost, Maine will be performing as well as the one-act shows from Park High School and Woodbury High School. We would like a large group of Lofties to go and represent at the festival and show support for our school as well as Park and Woodbury. If you are going to attend, we request you wear your Loft Stage gear to show your Loftie Pride!

    4. Friday, February 6th and Saturday, Febuary 7th @ ERHS: We are looking for ushers for the Almost, Maine public performances. Sign up sheets for both days are outside Ms.Hestwood’s office.

    5. February 9th-12th: We are looking for “ambassadors” for the MN All-State Show. There will be rehearsals and tech going on and we would love to have some Lofties there to welcome all these people from around the state. You will be there to show them all the ins-and-outs of The Loft Stage, show them where bathrooms are, and help with anything relating to The Loft! You get to meet fellow thespians from around the state and you may get see some sneak previews of the MN All-State Show: Spring Awakening. Sign ups for all days needed are outside Ms. Hestwood’s office.

    6. Saturday, February 14th: We are looking for at least 6 ushers for the public performance of the MN All-State Show: Spring Awakening. A sign up sheet can be found outside Ms. Hestwood’s office.

    7. Sunday, February 15th and Monday, February 16th: The MN Thespian Festival! This is a two day festival where you get to do workshops, see shows, compete in NIES, and meet other thespians from around the state! The first day of the festival will be held at ERHS (yay!) and the second day at The Guthrie. The Monday of the festival is President’s Day, so it will not conflict with school. Registration is due January 15th, but please do it ASAP.  If you have any questions, talk to or email our very own MN Thespian Officer Abby Winston!

    8. Friday, February 27th and Saturday, February 28th: Liberty Ridge Elementary is requesting student volunteers for their show. They are looking for people to sort of “kid wrangle” during their performances and make sure the kiddos don’t get into any trouble. You are also there to have fun with the kiddos and show them how much fun theatre is! Sign up sheets for both days are outside Ms. Hestwood’s office.

    9.  March 3rd-5th: Auditions for ERHS’ Spring Production: The Crucible. Stay tuned for more info regarding auditions.

    10. Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March 21st: Middleton Elementary is looking for student volunteers for their show. Just like Liberty Ridge, they are also looking for people to sort of “kid wrangle” during their performances and make sure the kiddos don’t get into any trouble. You are also there to have fun with the kids and show them how much fun theatre is! Sign up sheets for both days are outside Ms. Hestwood’s office.

    11. Last, but not least, Lake Middle School is looking for a high school student director for their musical: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. They are looking someone to help the actors with character work, assist the directors, and use your knowledge of performance to make their show amazing! You are NOT there to “kid wrangle”! Let Ms. Hestwood know if you are interested in this opportunity. Also, soon, Cottage Grove Middle School, will be looking for a student director to help with their musical: Alice in Wonderland Jr. This job will be very similar to what Lake Middle School is asking most likely. More info will be coming soon!

    Be aware that all of these volunteer opportunities can be counted as Thespian points!

    If you have any questions about anything mentioned, talk to one of the LoftPAC officers or Ms. Hestwood!

    Let’s have a great 2015 Lofties!