LoftPAC Meeting Minutes~May


May 11th~ Laura and Friends Masterclass! Laura Osnes, the Spotlight spokesperson and Broadway actress, will be hosting a masterclass for all aspects of performance! It is from 6-8:30 P.M. and it is free, but you must register ahead of time. More information can be found if you click on the LoftPAC tab. Note: This is the night of the choir concert, so many of you will not be able to attend. But if you can, please take advantage of this opportunity!

May 20th~ Theatre Banquet! We will be celebrating the amazing year the ERHS Theatre Program has had and honoring all of the amazing Lofties we have and some amazing Loftie parents! Bring your friends and family too. The cost is $10 per person. Tickets can be bought at the Loft Stage Store on the website! WE NEED A FINAL HEADCOUNT BY FRIDAY, SO PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ORDERS BY FRIDAY OR SOONER. Hope to see you there!

Our Spotlight Medley is posted on the Loft Stage website. Please review this and note if you have any new conflicts, please tell Ms.Hestwood if so. The schedule can be found under the LoftPAC tab if you click on Spotlight Calendar and the Rehearsal Calendar.

May 29th~ Newport Day! This is a day for several Lofties to travel to Newport to spend the day with some elementary school kids and show them how much fun theatre is, play theatre games with them, and have a great time! If you are interested in voulenteering to go, the sign up sheet can be found outside Ms.Hestwood’s office.

Officers for the 2015-2016 School Year~ If you are interested in applying to be an officer for next year, you need to schedule a time slot with Ms.Hestwood to do your interview. Ms.Hestwood’s schedule for the week is posted outside her office, so please sign up for a time slot ASAP. ALL INTERVIEWS SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY!

Lettering~ All lettering forms should have been completed by last Friday, but you can still turn them in! PLEASE TURN THEM IN BY TOMORROW IF POSSIBLE! Please don’t let your hard work this year go unrewarded!

Thespian Points~ Today at the meeting, Lofties got a chance to fill out their thespian points sheets for the last time this year. If you were unable to attend the meeting, find your folder in Ms.Hestwood’s office and update it. PLEASE UPDATE ALL FORMS BY TOMORROW IF POSSIBLE! If they are not updated before Friday, they will not be counted towards this year!! Don’t let your hard work this year go unnoticed!