• Mar 4th


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    March LoftPAC Minutes

    March 2, 2015

    – International Thespian conference- if you plan to attend, please let Ms. Hestwood know right away so we can plan. Garrett, Kaylee, Abby, Christina, Mark, Thomas and Quintin should let Ms. H know either way.

    -Kevin Breel Event-

    On April 7th, we are hosting Kevin Breel, comedian and mental health activist as part of our Community Outreach. Plan to attend!

    On March 19th, we will do a VERY short poster plaster for this event. Sign-up outside the choir room to help us promote out Community Outreach.

    For the event, they are looking for a student panel made up of kids 16 or older who have had experience with mental illness, either themselves or in their family/close circle of friends. Let Ms. H know if you are interested in participating.

    – Elementary Outreach- The LoftPAC mission includes developing the next generation of theater goers and performers. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! We are still in need of helpers for Middleton Elementary on March 20-21 and for Liberty Ridge on April 10-11. Please sign up to help wrangle kids and get them excited about being part of the Loft someday! Sign-up outside the choir room.

    -Place your loft gear order by March 6th if you would like to receive your order during this school year!

    IMPORTANT: We will have our LoftPAC picture taken on March 16th for the yearbook. We don’t yet know what time but students should wear Loft gear and listen carefully to announcements. Ms. H will be out of town so officers will coordinate!

    -Auditions- Try out!

    -Tech Meeting: March 17th after school.

  • Mar 3rd


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    The Debutante’s Ball Features Jeric Basillio

    Jeric Headshot[1]

    The Debutante’s Ball at the History Theatre runs from March 21st to April 12th and features East Ridge senior Jeric Basillio. Tickets and information can be found at the history

  • Feb 27th


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    LoftPAC Memories

    These LoftPAC officers recall their top memories from the 2015 Thespian Conference and other worthy moments from this year in ERHS theater:



    Abby Winston

    First, being an STO for the first/last time at Conference was so incredible and amazing, and I loved every minute of it!  Second, seeing the success of all of the Lofties in their NIES events!!! Way to represent!!!! And finally, hearing about everyone’s fun experiences at all the cool workshops they went to!




    anna senior pic 1

    Anna Reimann

    It was so amazing watching and listening to all of the NIES performances!! I loved being able to see all of the immense talent represented by so many Minnesota high schools; everyone was very professional as well.  I also loved attending the All-State show because all of the students in the performance were so so talented and into the performance, and all of the other students in the audience were so supportive of the cast. It was so cool to see the excitement bubbling inside of everyone before the doors were opened to the theater as well.



    Brenna Masgai

    I wasn’t able to go to the Thespian Conference, but my favorite moment this theater season has to be the jam sessions in the makeup rooms before performances. Everybody just seems to bond over Beyoncé.  Another favorite moment this year was when we all went as a cast to see Into The Woods. My car may have almost gotten lost, but seeing a movie and being able to compare it to what we made was amazing.  Finally, reasons I love the LOFT: everybody is a family. You have the weird uncles, the cousins you are best friends with, and the grandparents that care that you eat enough food! All kidding aside, everyone matters in he group and everybody feels like they belong. I love this place—it’s my second home.


    Headshot (2)

    Maggie Eckberg

    My favorite moment from the Thespian Conference was performing in Spring Awakening! My second favorite was showing (and bragging a little) about East Ridge and our theater program to the other members of the conference!




    Brendan Finn


    My two favorite memories of the Thespian Conference:  First, watching a fantastic performance by Maggie and the cast of Spring Awakening! Second, everyone who participated in NIES were outstanding and were all winners!

  • Feb 18th


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    Spotlight Workshops in FEBRUARY!

    We have some VERY last minute confirmations of events for this month—sorry for the short notice!

    FRIDAY February 20 – Illusion Masterclass with illusionist from Oliver! (finished in time for you to Student Rush the show afterwards!)
    Oliver Illusion Masterclass
    SUNDAY February 22 – Acrobatics Masterclass with Twin Cities Trapeze focusing on Pippin

    Pippin Trapeze Masterclass

    SATURDAY February 28 – Technical Theatre Day with Rick Polenek (sound designer), Alex Ritter (scenic designer), Adriane Heflin (Technical Director) and Steve Olson (Pantages Operations Coordinator). Attendees MUST have ticket to the show!

    Oliver Tech Theatre Day

  • Feb 18th


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    Thespian Conference Recap

    image1 DSC_0057East Ridge hosted the first day of the MN Thespian Conference this weekend and District #833 students walked away with a number of accolades of which to be proud.
    In the National Individual Events Showcase, students who were rated “Accomplished” earned an invitation to the International Thespian Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer.
    East Ridge had eleven of fifteen entries earn an Accomplished rating:
    Garrett Hildebrandt-Solo Musical
    Garrett Hildebrandt-Monologue
    Anna Reimann and Abby Winston-Musical Duet
    Anna Reimann-Solo Musical
    Abby Winston- Solo Musical
    Christina Ippoliti-Solo Musical
    Kaylee Cates-Solo Musical
    Maggie Eckberg-Solo Musical
    Quintin Walker-Solo Musical
    Thomas Sullivan-Monologue
    Mark May-Monologue

    On Saturday night, East Ridge’s Maggie Eckberg performed in the All-State Show, Spring Awakening, and Ben McKenzie, Rose Larson, Alec McCoy, Colleen Jensen, Jenna Kotz, Kira Bauman and Alyssa Thome served as the technical crew. On Monday, East Ridge’s Garrett Hildebrandt was given the honor to perform his solo selection, Stars from Les Miserables, at the awards ceremony at the Guthrie.

    In the Tech Challenge, the PHS and ERHS teams did very well with PHS tying for third place and ERHS finishing in second place led by the first place finish of Ben McKenzie in the Cable Coil.

    Park High School also had three students earn an Accomplished rating in NIES.
    MaiDer Chang-Monologue
    Ryan Zako-Monologue
    Melody Armstrong-Monologue

    Woodbury High School attended the conference for the first time with Elena Cressy and Molly Roche representing their theater program.