Meet the 2015-2016 LoftPAC Officers



The 2015 – 2016 LoftPAC Officers:

Keepers of close ties, high hopes, and big dreams.

BRENDAN FINN  Hey everyone! I am so excited to be co-president for the LoftPAC 2015-2016 season! My main goal for the LoftPAC this year is to celebrate each other’s artistic spirit through kindness, love, and empathy. Every single Loftie has something amazing to offer to the program, so, we need to embrace each other to make our program something that we will remember and cherish for years to come! If we can all come together and work hard, we can make this year the best the program has ever had! Who’s with me!?! (Team puts hands in, does a sporting cheer, goes to the scoreboard…Sports? Theatre? How does that work…?) <3

MAGGIE ECKBERG  I am beyond excited to be a co-president this year! This will be my second year as a LoftPAC officer and I am so proud of what we accomplished last year and I am looking forward to seeing what more we will accomplish this year! This year I would like to continue working towards extending the community of LoftPAC and The Loft Stage not only to actors, techies, and orchestra members, but also to our other sister schools, Woodbury and Park. I also would like to increase Loftie attendance at the MN Thespian Festival and at other Loftie outings! I hope the rest of the LoftPAC officers and I make the new freshman feel welcome next year and continue to build the community of our LoftPAC! Let’s have a great year Lofties!

BRENNA MASGAI  As LoftPAC communications officer, my hope/dream for the Loft and all of its members this year is for everybody to really feel connected like a family. Of course my other dream is always to create amazing, wonderful shows that the Loft has always been known for–I just hope we make this year one that nobody will forget!

CALI YEE  I am so happy to be a part of this year’s LoftPAC officers! As historian, I want to capture all of the wonderful memories that happen on the stage and backstage! I hope to ensure that everyone feels welcome and that we keep the positivity going throughout this year at the Loft Stage!  I want to guarantee that we reach out to the Woodbury community and to other schools throughout this area. Lastly, I hope that we can not only be a part of what goes on onstage but also a part of what goes on backstage, whether that be tech, set construction, or costuming! This is going to be such an awesome year!! 🙂

ERIN FOY  Hello!! I’m Erin Foy, the 2015-16 Community Building LoftPAC Officer, and I am supremely excited for the coming year at the Loft Stage. I hope to continue strengthening the bonds of the East Ridge theater family, keep up the positive and welcoming atmosphere that we all know and love, and give the Lofties a noticeable presence in our community, from involvement in more community events, to the full support of the other high schools in the area, to the continued fostering of the next generation of Lofties in elementary and middle school, along with many more opportunities. I cannot wait to get started.

ISABELLA WURM  This year I hope that we can expand what we already do with Community Outreach. I think that through community outreach projects and events we can not only benefit organizations and reach people outside of the Loft, but also help bring together all Lofties, whether they be orchestra members, techies, actors, etc. As someone who’s in Pit and works on ‘behind the scene’ type things, I want to help bridge the gap between people who participate in various roles in theater, and I think that community outreach is a great way to do so!  Both community outreach and our theater program are very important to me and so I’m very excited to be able to combine those two things!