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  • Sep 11th


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    Aida T-Shirts and Make-Up Kits

    Aida T-Shirts are available for purchase by our cast, crew, orchestra and their family members. Orders are due no later than Wednesday, September 25th so that we can have them in time for program pictures.

    Also, if you need a make-up kit, one can be purchased up until Monday, October 14th. If you don’t know what kit color you need, please see Ms. Magee for assistance.

    Purchase Here:
    The Loft Stage Store

  • Sep 10th


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    Aida Needs an Orchestra

    The ERHS Pit Orchestra is looking for musicians for our production of Aida. We are currently seeking ERHS student musicians on the following instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboard (Piano/Synth), Drum Set, Percussion, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, and French Horn. Download the interest form and return to Mr. Comeau in the ERHS Band Office by this Friday 9/13.

    Pit Orchestra Info

  • Aug 30th


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    2013 Fall Musical FAQs

    What is the show size this year and how many students will audition?

    The staging of Aida is a huge undertaking, starting with the assembly of a large, multi-talented ensemble cast.  Here’s the breakdown:

    Total cast size:  30-40.

    Speaking or soloist parts:  eight principal roles

    Chorus:  The number will depend on two things: talent and balance. Ultimately, we can’t have forty-six sopranos and two tenors!

    Number of students expected to audition:  100+

    How are cast selections made?

    Casting the show is the complicated and agonizing job of the show’s director, with multiple variables at play and endless permutations and combinations to consider.  Ultimately, the prime directive of casting is to craft the best show possible and help each student shine.  That said, the biggest determining factor in casting is goodness-of-fit between student and role in service of the overall production.

    How much time do cast members put in? 

    Students playing Aida, Radames, Mereb, Amneris, and Zoser will rehearse four or five days per week. Chorus members should expect three to four days a week until the last two weeks, when rehearsal time goes up as opening night approaches.

    What about schoolwork and grades?

    Chorus members WILL have enough downtime to finish schoolwork.  Involvement in theatre is a real balancing act but as a rule does not get in the way of keeping up grades.  Moreover, the ERHS theatre program maintains this philosophy:  School and grades come first.  Period.

    How come there’s an activity fee for students participating in crew, tech, and orchestra?

    ERHS offers a student-centered comprehensive educational theatre program, a rarity among high school theatre programs.  This means students are integrally involved, from start to finish, in the building and staging of an entire high quality theatrical production.  Acting is just one part of that process.  Students also build the sets.  Sew and repair the costumes.  Apply makeup and create hairstyles.  Work the lighting and sound equipment.  Supply the musical score.  To be successful in each of these specialized areas, students work closely with talented staff members who serve as supervisors, instructors, and mentors.  Hence, every stage of show development, every aspect of production demands significant adult time and attention.  In this way, the ERHS theatre program offers a unique skill-building mentorship experience to its student participants.  Which makes theatre—even for those who are not in the cast—a student enrichment activity like any other offered at ERHS.

  • Aug 19th


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    Musical Registration Now Open!

    Students who will be participating in the fall musical, AIDA can now register online. Parents and students are asked to take the time to be accurate with all of the requested information. The ability to communicate with parents and students in an accurate and timely way depends on the registration information provided by you. Students do not need to be registered before auditions but all registrations for cast, crew and orchestra will be due by September 27th. REGISTER HERE

  • Aug 7th


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    Making the Most of Your Rock Voice

    with Ben Bakken- August 13th from 7:00-9:00pm

    Actor/Director Ben Bakken has played Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar at Chanhassen Dinner Theaters as well as playing Zoser in Theatre Latte Da’s production of Aida. Ben will be coming to East Ridge to work with musical students on how to make the most of this particular style of theater voice. Ben, who also directs at Hill Murray High School, will be at the Loft from 7:00pm-9:00pm on August 13th. All students who plan to audition for Aida are invited and should come prepared with audition music in mind. Don’t miss this great opportunity to work with one of the Twin Cities Top Performers!

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