Can I Bring My Kid to the Show?


Before any form of media is consumed, many parents ask themselves an important question: “is this movie/show/play child appropriate?”

While an inarguably important question, the subjectivity of the response is definitely debatable. Even with seemingly-objective measures like PG or PG-13 film ratings, there is still room for disagreement. For example, The Lego Movie is rated PG but so is Jaws. Would you show both films to your five-year-old? Deciding whether or not something is suitable for your child is a deeply personal decision, one that we would never want to coerce one way or another. That said, there are certain aspects about our fall production, The Drowsy Chaperone, that are more mature in nature. For example, there are overt romantic situations but the comedic tone spins these encounters as more silly than sexual. There is no foul language but there are references to alcohol and mild innuendo – both of which will likely go over the heads of younger audiences. By and large, Drowsy is an upbeat comedy that will keep audiences of all ages engaged and entertained. If you have any specific questions about content, feel free to email director Kajsa Jones (