Are you involved in LoftPAC? Are you interested in becoming involved? Want to meet others involved? Just want to have some fun with other lofties? Make sure to come to the loftPAC party tomorrow at 7 pm at Jared (and Alex) Doran’s house! We are planing on being outside in the back yard and doing a bonfire; if it rains we will go inside. There will be food, drinks, and lots of fun so make sure you’re there! However, in order to have food, we need you to bring something to share! Feel free to bring chips, sweets, fruits/veggies, or anything you like to eat to share with everyone. Additionally, plan on putting on/wearing bug spray because the Doran’s backyard is right up next to a wooded area. If you can’t make it the whole time, come for any part of it! If you missed the address, please email or text Jared Doran ( and he’ll get it to you We plan on being done around 10:30. Make sure to come!