• Sep 23rd


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    Dublin/London Trip 2017

    union jack

    Early sign-ups due by September 30th for guaranteed lowest price!

    Thank you to all the students and parents who came out for our meeting last night. What a great group with which to travel! Sign-up at:

    London Tour Presentation

  • Sep 8th


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    Valley Scare: Scare School 2015

    IMG_1300Join the Lofties once again for Scare School at Valley Scare. Have the opportunity to learn the “art of scare” as the entertainment department takes you behind the scenes of their Halloween Haunt. After a couple of hours of learning the magic behind the mayhem, you will be released into the park for a great evening of Halloween fun. Complete the permission slip and bring a check made out to the Loft Stage to Ms. Hestwood by September 17th! No late entries can be accepted!


  • Aug 17th


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    Loftie Team for Habitat for Humanity

    Loftie students, parents and alumni will join together to help build Madison’s Place, a fully accessible playground right here in Woodbury. If you are interested in joining the team that will work for Habitat for Humanity on September 19th, please click the following link and join us! LOFTIE TEAM


    More information on this project:

    Build an Accessible Playground

    Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

    Help Build Community in Woodbury!

    The City of Woodbury,The Madison Claire Foundation, and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity are partnering to build a fully accesible playground in Woodbury.  We need volunteers to help build this playground!

    The Madison Claire Foundation has partnered with business and community leaders to buildMadison’s Place, the Twin Cities’ East Metro’s first completely handicapped accessible, “inclusive playground” where children with and without disabilities can play together side by side to foster friendships, understanding, and acceptance.  Madison’s Place will be a destination park that was the vision of the foundation.

    • Volunteers will be working under the direction of Flagship Recreation to build the playground.
    • Snacks, water, safety equipment, and tools will be provided.
    • Please wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting torn or stained. Sturdy, closed heel/toe shoes are required.

    Youth Guidelines:

    • Youth ages 14 and up are invited to build with us.
    • All youth under 18 must be supervised by an adult who is at least 21 years of age.
    • There must be one adult supervisor per four youth out onsite.
  • Jul 31st


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    What I Did over Summer Vacation: Loftie Edition

    THIS SUMMER, LOFTIES PAST AND PRESENT unleashed their ERHS-honed theater prowess on local productions, including WCT’s Les Miserables and Tartan’s Addams Family.  From student directing to house managing, from set designing to scene stealing, Loft Stage students and alums sure know how to bring down the house.  Way to represent, Lofties!  Check out the familiar faces below (Les Mis cast members Ben Gotz, Mark May, Tony May and Garrett Hildebrandt; Grace Ramey surrounded by Loftie pals after an Addams Family show; Joe Johnson gets creative for WCT; Pari Cariaga gets some love after Les Mis; Katherine Spicuzza prepares to bite it onstage–again; Josh Hoehne and Alex Berger, behind-the-scenes wizards for Les Mis)

    Da guysgrace ramey

    Katherine   Pari Joebackstagers


  • Jul 30th


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    Merrill Community Arts Center Workshop Opportunities for Students


    August Arts Opportunities for Youth
    Shine bright with us in these great arts opportunities for youth!

    Improv Workshop!

    Workshop: August 18-20, 2015 – 9am to 12pm each day

    Performance: August 20, 2015 – 7pm

    Age: 8th-12th grade

    Cost: $100

    Learn the basic art of improvisation from two college improv troupes! Discover the power of “Yes and,” listening and spontaneity. Gain performance experience. Learn the secrets of a classic performance technique! Open to those who have completed 8th-12th grades. Workshop and performance will take place at The Black Box at East Ridge High School. Co-Leaders: Ben Gotz & Kajsa Jones

    Filmmaking & Video Production Career Immersion – FREE!!

    Event: August 10-11, 2015 – 9am to 8pm each day

    Age: Current high school sophomores, juniors or seniors

    Registration Deadline: August 7, 2015

    Cost: FREE

    In partnership with Century College – for current high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. It’s a Film Race to make a music video from start to finish. Hands-on, creative and fun! Cameras, storyboard drawings, lights, Final Cut Pro X digital workflow, and great food. Includes dinner each day and world premiere of your completed music videos! 

  • Jun 28th


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    Meet the 2015-2016 LoftPAC Officers


    The 2015 – 2016 LoftPAC Officers:


    Keepers of close ties, high hopes, and big dreams.




    BRENDAN FINN  Hey everyone! I am so excited to be co-president for the LoftPAC 2015-2016 season! My main goal for the LoftPAC this year is to celebrate each other’s artistic spirit through kindness, love, and empathy. Every single Loftie has something amazing to offer to the program, so, we need to embrace each other to make our program something that we will remember and cherish for years to come! If we can all come together and work hard, we can make this year the best the program has ever had! Who’s with me!?! (Team puts hands in, does a sporting cheer, goes to the scoreboard…Sports? Theatre? How does that work…?) <3

    MAGGIE ECKBERG  I am beyond excited to be a co-president this year! This will be my second year as a LoftPAC officer and I am so proud of what we accomplished last year and I am looking forward to seeing what more we will accomplish this year! This year I would like to continue working towards extending the community of LoftPAC and The Loft Stage not only to actors, techies, and orchestra members, but also to our other sister schools, Woodbury and Park. I also would like to increase Loftie attendance at the MN Thespian Festival and at other Loftie outings! I hope the rest of the LoftPAC officers and I make the new freshman feel welcome next year and continue to build the community of our LoftPAC! Let’s have a great year Lofties!

    BRENNA MASGAI  As LoftPAC communications officer, my hope/dream for the Loft and all of its members this year is for everybody to really feel connected like a family. Of course my other dream is always to create amazing, wonderful shows that the Loft has always been known for–I just hope we make this year one that nobody will forget!

    CALI YEE  I am so happy to be a part of this year’s LoftPAC officers! As historian, I want to capture all of the wonderful memories that happen on the stage and backstage! I hope to ensure that everyone feels welcome and that we keep the positivity going throughout this year at the Loft Stage!  I want to guarantee that we reach out to the Woodbury community and to other schools throughout this area. Lastly, I hope that we can not only be a part of what goes on onstage but also a part of what goes on backstage, whether that be tech, set construction, or costuming! This is going to be such an awesome year!! 🙂

    ERIN FOY  Hello!! I’m Erin Foy, the 2015-16 Community Building LoftPAC Officer, and I am supremely excited for the coming year at the Loft Stage. I hope to continue strengthening the bonds of the East Ridge theater family, keep up the positive and welcoming atmosphere that we all know and love, and give the Lofties a noticeable presence in our community, from involvement in more community events, to the full support of the other high schools in the area, to the continued fostering of the next generation of Lofties in elementary and middle school, along with many more opportunities. I cannot wait to get started.

    ISABELLA WURM  This year I hope that we can expand what we already do with Community Outreach. I think that through community outreach projects and events we can not only benefit organizations and reach people outside of the Loft, but also help bring together all Lofties, whether they be orchestra members, techies, actors, etc. As someone who’s in Pit and works on ‘behind the scene’ type things, I want to help bridge the gap between people who participate in various roles in theater, and I think that community outreach is a great way to do so!  Both community outreach and our theater program are very important to me and so I’m very excited to be able to combine those two things!