Peter and the Starcatcher

A young orphan and his mates are shipped off from Victorian England to a distant island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They know nothing of the mysterious trunk in the captain’s cabin, which contains a precious, otherworldly cargo. At sea, the boys are discovered by a precocious young girl named Molly, a Starcatcher-in-training who realizes that the trunk’s precious cargo is starstuff, a celestial substance so powerful that it must never fall into the wrong hands. When the ship is taken over by pirates – led by the fearsome Black Stache, a villain determined to claim the trunk and its treasure for his own – the journey quickly becomes a thrilling adventure.

This year LoftPAC is starting a team for the South Washington County Relay for Life event! 

This team is for Bridget Olson, an aluma of our theatre program, and a cancer survivor. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Relay for Life, it’s an event that happens multiple times in various states and cities that raises money for the American Cancer Society. The event we’re participating in will be here at East Ridge High school on June 10th from 6pm to 6am. (Yes, it’s over night although it’s up to you on how long you’re able to stay.) There’s multiple teams participating, fundraising and donating to help find a cure to cancer. On the night of Relay, all of the teams have tents lining the track and have something to sell or do to raise money that night. Once we have assembled a team we can work together to come up with ideas for our teams fundraising! 🙂 When at relay when not at our tent, we will walk the track, attend opening and closing ceremonies, help light the luminary bags, and have a great time for a great cause. 

Here’s how to join our team: 

  • Go to the website 
  • Click on ‘find an event’
  • Search for Woodbury and then click ‘sign up’ under ‘Relay for Life South Washington County -Woodbury, MN’
  • You will have to create an account if you don’t already have one (this is super easy)
  • Then register under the team “Bridget’s Lofties”

It’s up to you on how much you want to fundraise/donate. As of now our team goal is set at $1,000 which is the suggested starting goal. This is subject to change as we start to develop our team.

I’d like to encourage you and your family members to join our relay team and participate in this event as its for such a wonderful cause that is very close to home for many of us.  

Isabella Wurm-LoftPAC Community Outeach Officer

WCT’s Stars on Broadway will feature many names familiar to The Loft Stage. Lofties Abby Feuer, Faith Goetzke, Ethan Williams, Tony May, Brendan Finn and Joey Engh are all featured in the production. Isabella Wurm is playing the piano and technician Colleen Jensen is running lights. Don’t miss what promises to be a wonderful evening of Disney moments. For tickets call 651-200-4610.



LoftPAC is taking a field trip to Chanhassen on March 24th to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Please fill out the attached form and bring it in no later than March 10th. Only 40 tickets available so get yours today!      BandB Form

Auditions for the Spring Play, Still Life With Iris, will be held on March 14-15 with callbacks on March 17.

Info on the play 

Students should plan to attend either March 14 or March 15 and stay until auditions are done.

You will be reading from the sides posted.   

 Actors will be expected to help in making/designing their own costume be prepared to spend time in the costume shop after rehearsals to work on your costume.  This may involve going as a group to thrift stores on a Saturday to pick out your coat and decorations. 

Rehearsals begin immediately Friday, March 18. 

Special skills—we are looking for 1 or 2 people who can do sound effects and will be part of the cast as workers in the land of Nocturno and Great Island. They will be on stage through out the show much like a pit band.  I would like to audition you for sound effects that you can make without any equipment(altho we may still use some).  These effects would be birds chirping, wind, crickets, etc.  Come with as many as you can make. 

Audition From (please complete prior to auditions)

Sides for Auditions:

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When: February 27, 2016

Two available sessions. Choose one:
Session I: 9-12:30
Session II: 1:30-5

Where: The Orpheum Theatre


What: Participating Spotlight schools are invited to send their technicians to this first ever Technicians Masterclass led by our Union department heads at The Orpheum Theatre. The Masterclass is free of cost to Spotlight schools but space is limited so sign up today.

Workshop Descriptions. Students will attend 3 workshops through their session based on preferences and availability.

Tour with Dave Marietta, Engineer and Theatre Operations Manager for the Orpheum

  • Explore the Orpheum and discuss what management goes into making a touring show operate in a theatre like ours.


  • A hands on experiences hanging and focusing lights on the Orpheum stage, see what it takes to light up a stage of this size.

Spot Operator

  • Head on up to the Spot booth and learn about the equipment and test your steady hand at focusing and following.

Sound Designer

  • Learn what it takes to build and design a professional show. Take your turn at the board and test your ear.

Lead Carpenter

  • Understand what it takes to be a part of a much larger team, hear stories, and band together for a hands on experience of hanging legs.

Fly Systems

  • Take the climb to learn about the inner workings of the gulley. Learn what it takes to master and handle the rail, from below, or above.
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