Thank you to all who auditioned for the Winter Play. We had far more talent than can be cast and encourage all of you who are not on the list below to stay involved this winter and this spring.

will rehearse on Wednesday at 6:00pm in the Black Box.

Mother Erin Foy
Father Alex Bretoi
Caroline Meghan Horan
Dodie Emma Pfeiffer
Billie Nolan Sherburne

The Long Christmas Dinner 
will rehearse on Thursday at 3:30pm in the Black Box. Please read the script prior to rehearsal by clicking this link.

Mother Bayard Elizabeth Avery
Lucia Kat Grannis
Roderick McCrossen Schiller
Cousin Brandon Kevin Hawn
Charles Ethan Williams
Genevieve Anya Steffel
Leonora Banning Cali Yee
Sam Michael Miller
Young Lucia Emma Lilly
Young Roderick Jonas Hallstrom
Cousin Ermengarde Elisabeth Storm
Nurse Maggie Barringer