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  • Mar 21st


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    A Midsummer Night’s Dream SCENE Breakdown


    Character scene breakdown

    ACT 1-SCENE 1:  Theseus, Hippolyta, Attendants, Egeus, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, plus fairies for opening.

    ACT 1-SCENE 2:  Mechanicals (Quince,Bottom, Flute, Snug,Flute,Snout,Staraveling)

    ACT II-SCENE 1A:  Puck, Fairy, Oberon, Titiania, Fairies

    ACT ll-SCENE 1B:   Demetrius, Helena, Oberon Puck

    ACT ll-SCENE 2A:  Titania, Fairies, Oberon, Lysander, Hermia, Puck

    ACT ll-SCENE 2B:   Demetrius, Helena, Lysander, Helena (Titania sleeping)

    ACT lll-SCENE 1A:      Mechanicals,

    ACT III-SCENE 1B: Bottom, Puck, Fairies and Titania

    ACT lll-SCENE 2A:    Oberon, Puck

    ACT lll-SCENE 2B:  Lysander, Helena, Demetrius, Hermia

    ACT lll-SCENE 2C:   Oberon, Puck, Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia,

    ACT lV- SCENE 1A:  Titania, Bottom, Oberon, Fairies, Puck

    ACT IV-SCENE 1B:  Theseus, Attendants, Hippolyta, Egeus, Lysander, Demetrius, Bottom(at very end)

    ACT IV-SCENE 2:  Quince, Flute,  Snout, Staraveling, Bottom, Snug

    ACT V-SCENE 1A:  Theseus, Hippolyta, Philostrate, Attendants,   Mechanicals “Pyramus and Thisby”, Demetrius, Lysander, Helena, Hermia,

    ACT V-SCENE 1B:    Puck, Oberon, Titania, Fairies.


  • Mar 19th


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    Spring Play Tech

    Set construction for the spring play starts tonight! We will be in the shop from 7-9pm tonight as well as Wednesday night. For a complete schedule, see the tech calendar located under the LoftPAC drop down menu.

    The Spring Play tech meeting is FRIDAY after school in the choir room. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the tech opportunities available.

  • Mar 8th


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    Congratulations cast for A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Cast List- A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Please plan to attend the read through on Monday, March 18th immediately after school.

    Theseus…Isaac Sorensen
    Hippolyta…Alex Joson
    Egeus…Brendan Finn
    Hermia….Naomi Ridley
    Helena….Mandy Durose
    Lysander…. Luke Syrstad
    Demetrius…. Mark May
    Oberon…Austin Robinson
    Titania…Pari Cariaga
    Puck…Matt Thorsen
    Fairy….Olivia Kieffer
    Bottom…Ryan Richardson
    Quince….Alex Berger
    Snug…Riley Price
    Snout…Logen Bartz
    Starveling…Evan Coutu
    Flute…. Garrett Hildebrandt
    Philostrate….Thomas Sullivan

    Lords and Attendants
    Michael McCutcheon
    Alex Amble
    Max Rombach
    Christina Ippoliti
    Daisy Nakunyue
    Lexi Ehresmann
    Lindsay Abrahm
    Elizabeth Neuenfeldt

    Caroline Kieffer
    Mikayla Longcor
    Beth Martin

  • Mar 7th


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    A Midsummer Night’s Dream Callback List

    Thank you so much to everyone who tried out.  We hope that you will continue to audition in the future.
    Students who are called back should meet promptly in the theater at 3:15pm
    Naomi Ridley Mark May
    Alex Joson Caroline Kieffer
    Lydia Nelson Ryan Richardson
    Austin Robinson Olivia Kieffer
    Evan Coutu Alex Berger
    Riley Price Mara Jones
    Lindsay Abrahm Isaac Sorensen
    Logen Bartz Elizabeth Neuenfeldt
    Brendan Finn Beth Martin
    Haley Webb Matt Thorsen
    Brenna Masgai Mandy Durose
    Abby Winston Pari Cariaga
    Samantha Wynn Julia Theiss
    Thomas Sullivan Alex Amble
    Kaylee Cates Luke Syrstad
    Kalista Eichstadt Daisy Nakeyune
    Michael McCutcheon Garrett Hildebranddt
    Makayla Longcor Max Rombach
    Lexi Ehresmann Christina Ippoliti
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