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  • Mar 5th


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    The Glass Slipper Cast List

    Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to the cast. Please meet in the theater at 3:15pm tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

    Atilla Brendan Finn
    Brunhilda Kaylee Cates
    Cleopatra Samantha Wynn
    Stepmother Naomi Ridley
    Mouse #1 Quintin Walker
    Mouse #2 Cali Yee
    Cinderella Caroline Kieffer
    Apprentice Erin Foy
    Mistress Haughty Christina Sieben
    Major Domo Garrett Hildebrandt
    The Prince Luke Syrstad
    The Page Adam Behnken
    Fairy Godmother Beth Martin
    Pumpkinhead Brandon Thompson
    Lady Ursula-Ursula Brenna Masgai
    Lady Blossom Mara Jones
    Captain Ryan Richardson
    Lady Vine Suzanne Melin
    Lieutenant Mark May
    Queen Olivia Kieffer
    Citizen #1 Holly Brown
    Citizen #2 Thomas Sullivan
    Party Guests Maggie Eckberg
    Anna Reimann
    Makayla Longcor
    Sam Joson
    Carl Erikstrup
    Devonte McClam
  • Feb 27th


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    Commedia Dell’Arte


    THE GLASS SLIPPER will be performed in the Commedia dell’Arte style, a humorous style of theater that originated in Italy around the 16th century, when traveling troupes performed on temporary open-air stages in city streets and courtyards.  Historically, commedia dell’Arte drew upon the improvisational skills of professional actors, who incorporated bold costume elements and props to perfect a specific role—usually a recognizable social type or stock character, such as the foolish old man, the devious servant, or the brash soldier.  While the story lines were standard, typically involving the struggles of young lovers or the comeuppance of a dimwitted authority figure, the actors improvised upon this basic plot, tailoring their performances to individual audiences with sly political commentary or bawdy innuendo.  The only scripted parts were the zany comic relief interludes–essentially well-rehearsed mayhem.  With The Glass Slipper’s running time of just over one hour, this means ERHS actors and audiences can expect big fun packed into a small show.

  • Jan 31st


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    The Glass Slipper–Audition Information

    Auditions for the ERHS spring play, The Glass Slipper, are set for the first week of March.  Here’s the rundown:


    The Glass Slipper, by Vera Morris

    Directed by Marcie Berglund


    On Schedules:  I will be looking very closely at conflicts when casting, so bring your calendars and your conflicts to auditions.

    On Audition Preparation Tips:  Students will be reading from the script.  We will be performing this play in the “Commedia Del’Arte” style, which demands BROAD characters, BROAD movement, and BROAD reactions.  In other words:  EVERYTHING MUST BE BIG, BIGGER AND BIGGEST!  Bottom line:  DON’T HOLD BACK.  Be willing to put yourself on the line and make a risky choice when reading for these characters.


    Auditions:   Monday, March 3 and Tuesday, March 4—from 3:15 to 5:30

    Callbacks:  Wednesday, March 5—from 3:15 to 5:30

    First Cast Meeting:  Thursday, March 6—from 3:15 – 5:00

    Rehearsals:  Begin the week of March 17.   We will rehearse Monday thru Fridays from 3:15 to 6:00.

    Mandatory Dates:  From Monday April 21 to Friday April 25, full attendance is STRONGLY preferred.  From April 26—tech Saturday—through the show’s run, attendance is mandatory!

    Performances:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday May 1,2, and 3, with the possibility of day performances for elementary schools.


    CREW:  Stage Manager

    COSTUME:  Creativity, as the costumes are going to be as large and fun as the characters

    MAKEUP:  Extreme, with lots of “extras”

    LIGHTING:  Magical effects

    SOUND:  Lots of creative sound effects

    PROPS:  As befitting our colorful take on this classic tale


    ATTILA Timid Cat
    BRUNHILDA Cinderella’s very loud unpleasant stepsister.   Very unattractive.
    CLEOPATRA Cinderella’s very silly unpleasant stepsister.  Very unattractive.
    STEPMOTHER Cinderella’s very mean unpleasant stepmother.  Knows her daughters’ “flaws.”
    MOUSE Loves cheese
    CINDERELLA Beautiful, sweet and gentle girl with a soft heart
    APPRENTICE Fairy godmother intern
    FAIRY GODMOTHER Cinderella’s magical friend.  Loveable grandmother type.
    MISTRESS HAUGHTY Neighbor.  Self explanatory.
    MAJORDOMO Palace announcer
    THE PRINCE Handsome and will be King one day
    PUMPKIN HEAD Talking Gourd
    LADY URSULA-URSULA Lady in Waiting to Queen
    LADY BLOSSOM Marriage prospect
    CAPTAIN Soldier
    LADY VINE Another marriage prospect
    LIEUTENANT Another Soldier
    QUEEN Rules the Kingdom, loves her son, but wants him married.
    CITIZEN #1 Young Girl
    CITIZEN #2 Another young girl
    ADDITIONAL PARTY GUESTS At least 4 dancing couples for the ballroom scene


  • Apr 29th


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    A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rehearsal Pictures

  • Apr 2nd


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    Spring Play Crew Positions

    There seems to be some confusion about who is on what crew, so I thought I’d take a minute to clear things up.

    The costume, publicity and set construction crews are not assigned. If you want to help out, and you’ve completed your registration, all you have to do is show up. You don’t even need to know how to sew or paint.

    The performance crews, those that are there during the performances, will be assigned in a couple weeks. Placement in these crews is based on your interest, which you expressed in your tech application, your experience and most important of all, your participation. Showing up to all the crew meetings for the crew you want is the best way to get assigned to it. You can attend meetings for as many crews as you want, so don’t feel like your limited to one

    Performance crews are: Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Props Master/Mistress, Running Crew, Video Crew, Sound Crew, Lighting Crew and Make-Up Crew

    Crew meetings are posted on the “Tech Calendar” which is located under the “LoftPAC” drop down menu. Be sure to check it for the most up to date information on crew meetings.

    Technical Director

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