Winter Play Cast

Dec 10th


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Thank you all for auditioning. We were wildly impressed by the talent we saw, and cannot wait to start this process. Please note that Twelfth Night will be entered as our 2016 MSHSL One Act Competition piece. The competition piece will perform at the Section 3AA Prelims on January 26th, 2016, with the potential for additional performances on February 3rd and February 12th, 2015. Comedy of Errors is our winter play piece. Both plays will be performed side-by-side in our Evening of Shakespeare on February 5 – 7, 2016. Ensemble Players, you will know which specific show(s) you are cast in by Monday, December 14th. Thank you all so much for spending the coming months with us, we are THRILLED! We will see all of you TODAY at 4:30 PM in the Black Box for our first read-through.

Matt and Franny

The Comedy of Errors:

  • Egeon – Quintin Walker
  • Duke Solinus – Jonas Hallstrom
  • Antipholus of Syracuse – Mark May
  • Antipholus of Ephesus – Dylan Degler
  • Dromia of Syracuse – Maggie Eckberg
  • Dromia of Ephesus – Samantha Wynn
  • Adriana – Kaylee Cates
  • Luciana – Caroline Kieffer
  • Angela – Cali Yee
  • Emilia – Brenna Masgai
  • Servant – Amanda Weber
  • Ensemble – Emma Pfeifer, Maggie Barringer, Petra Walsh, Ana Sophia Collavitti

Twelfth Night (MSHSL One Act):

  • Feste – Ethan Williams
  • Maria – Erin Foy
  • Olivia – Clara Grismer
  • Malvolio – McCrossen Schiller
  • Viola – Samantha Wynn
  • Duke Orsino – Mark May
  • Curia – Kat Grannis
  • Sir Toby Belch – Dylan Degler
  • Andrew Augecheek – Adam Ryerse
  • Ensemble: Nolan Sherburne, Michael Miller, Anya Steffel, Abby Feuer, Caroline Kieffer