Comedy of Errors Callback List
Twelfth Night Callback List

Congratulations Students on your callback! Please be in the Black Box at 4:30pm. Prepare to read for the roles you have been called back for. The numbers indicate the scene(s) we would like to take a look at. Those scenes are attached to this post. Feel free to look ahead and prepare! Narrator/Auxiliary roles, we have some specific scenes for you to look at, but there are still other roles in the mix for those of you on this list; come prepared to be our “auxiliary” players tomorrow.

Everyone come prepared with special talents or instruments that we discussed at initial auditions. We may or may not ask you to play! Pianists, we have a keyboard readily available for you. Also, and this is the biggie, COME PREPARED WITH ALL OF YOUR CONFLICTS IN HAND! This will play a huge role in how you are cast. Be honest and put it all on your conflict sheet/calendar. We are willing to be flexible with our schedule, but communication is key.

Best of luck and THANK YOU for coming prepared and ready to rock on the first 2 days of auditions.

Matt & Mrs. V

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