About the Show

Radium Girls is based on real life events surrounding the fight for justice for workers at the United States Radium Corporation. Many of these workers became sick and later died because of their work at these factories. The play delves into the public and personal struggles of the “dial painters” and the company heads as they fight over what is the cause of these deaths.

About Auditions

We are asking folks to submit a video for their audition. This video should be a recording of you reading one of the monologues provided in the sides or a monologue of your own choosing. Please also slate* in your video. Feel free to experiment with voices, expressions and gestures in your reading. You will be able to submit your video in the audition form.

Callbacks will happen the following day over google hangouts from 3:30- 6:30 (unless we need more time). You will log in during the time you are called (will be listed on the call back post) and read some sides. If you are not called back do not loose hope! You may still be cast.

If you have any questions please email either Leah or Jimmy.

* For those who don’t know a slate is an introduction before your audition. For instance a slate might sound like: Hi my name is (Insert Name here) and I will be reading monologue #2.

Audition Sides
Audition Form *
Audition Info Presentation

* The audition form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Audition Form.

About Tech

Due to the format of the performances, the available opportunities for techs to participate is unfortunately limited. We are looking for people who would be interested in working on sound (effects and mixing), video (editing), and costumes (design).

Those people who are interested should email Jimmy (jstocco1@sowashco.org) to express their interest in participating.

About Performances

We will be recording and streaming this performance sometime in late January or early February. Details of when and how are still being worked out.