About the Show(s)

Our 2020 Fall Play production consists of three radio plays adapted from classic works by Edgar Allen Poe, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.

The Cask of Amontillado: Driven by his burning desire to avenge his family’s suffering and father’s death. Montressor tricks his arrogant and boastful archrival into assisting in his own hideous demise.

The Mark of the Beast: A lack of respect for the spiritual power of the Monkey God exacts a horrible price on a soldier.

The Canterville Ghost: Doomed to spend the rest of his life haunting a castle a ghost’s wish is finally granted thanks to a single act of kindness by a child.

About Auditions

To maintain social distancing we are asking folks to submit a video for their audition. This video should be a recording of you reading one of the monologues provided in the sides. Please also slate* in your video as a separate character from the character you are reading. Feel free to experiment with dialects, expressions and gestures in your reading. You will be able to submit your video in the audition form.

If you have any questions please email either Marcie or Leah.

* For those who don’t know a slate is an introduction before your audition. For instance a slate might sound like: Hi my name is (Insert Name here) and I will be reading monologue #2. For this audition we would like you to slate as another character(not yourself).

Audition Sides
Audition Form *
Audition Info Presentation

* The audition form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Audition Form.

About Tech

If you are interested in participating on the tech crew for this production, you are highly encouraged to attend the virtual tech crew meeting on Tuesday, September 29th at 3pm. Please also complete the tech interest form so that we know who all is interested.

While we need techs for every area, it is more important than ever that we have a full video crew as we will be live streaming the performances each night. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know to fill out the interest form.

Tech Interest Form *
Tech Crew Info Presentation

* The tech form will not work using your school account. Please use this form only if you DO NOT have an alternate Google account: Alternate Tech Form.

About the Rehearsals

Rehearsals for this production will take place in the theater from 3:30pm until 6:30pm during the week. The three separate casts will rehearse separately with time provided in between for sanitizing the space.

Please see the calendar for specific rehearsal times. This will also be updated to reflect who is called when.

About Performances

So long as school doesn’t move to distance learning, performances for the production will take place in person in the theater. At this time there will not be a live audience in the theater, but each performance will be live streamed to a virtual audience.

Performances will take place November 13-15th, with strike taking place on November 15th immediately following the performance.

About Safety

Covid-19 Preparedness Plan