Auditions for the Spring Play, Still Life With Iris, will be held on March 14-15 with callbacks on March 17.

Info on the play 

Students should plan to attend either March 14 or March 15 and stay until auditions are done.

You will be reading from the sides posted.   

 Actors will be expected to help in making/designing their own costume be prepared to spend time in the costume shop after rehearsals to work on your costume.  This may involve going as a group to thrift stores on a Saturday to pick out your coat and decorations. 

Rehearsals begin immediately Friday, March 18. 

Special skills—we are looking for 1 or 2 people who can do sound effects and will be part of the cast as workers in the land of Nocturno and Great Island. They will be on stage through out the show much like a pit band.  I would like to audition you for sound effects that you can make without any equipment(altho we may still use some).  These effects would be birds chirping, wind, crickets, etc.  Come with as many as you can make. 

Audition From (please complete prior to auditions)

Sides for Auditions:

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