When: February 27, 2016

Two available sessions. Choose one:
Session I: 9-12:30
Session II: 1:30-5

Where: The Orpheum Theatre


What: Participating Spotlight schools are invited to send their technicians to this first ever Technicians Masterclass led by our Union department heads at The Orpheum Theatre. The Masterclass is free of cost to Spotlight schools but space is limited so sign up today.

Workshop Descriptions. Students will attend 3 workshops through their session based on preferences and availability.

Tour with Dave Marietta, Engineer and Theatre Operations Manager for the Orpheum

  • Explore the Orpheum and discuss what management goes into making a touring show operate in a theatre like ours.


  • A hands on experiences hanging and focusing lights on the Orpheum stage, see what it takes to light up a stage of this size.

Spot Operator

  • Head on up to the Spot booth and learn about the equipment and test your steady hand at focusing and following.

Sound Designer

  • Learn what it takes to build and design a professional show. Take your turn at the board and test your ear.

Lead Carpenter

  • Understand what it takes to be a part of a much larger team, hear stories, and band together for a hands on experience of hanging legs.

Fly Systems

  • Take the climb to learn about the inner workings of the gulley. Learn what it takes to master and handle the rail, from below, or above.