Academic All Star Amanda Hestwood on  THE STATE OF THE LOFT, 2015 Edition.  Plus when she’d pass the buck to Jimmy.  Literally.

Q:  This has been another year of immense theatrical success for the Loft Stage at ERHS.  What’s your secret?

A:  I really don’t think there is a secret to our success. A simple formula of talented and hardworking kids, combined with talented and hardworking staff and supportive and hardworking parents equals unstoppable success.

Q:  The winds of change are blowing. How challenging will it be to continue to offer student experiences and to stage productions of this caliber?

A:  The winds of change are blowing and the hard part is not knowing what will change, when it will change or how it will change. We have been well supported since day one. I for one am hoping this will not change under the new administration.

Q:  What are your biggest hopes and fears regarding the future of the Loft at ERHS?

A:  I hope they will recognize what we are doing and leave us alone to do it.  Let’s stay with hopes for now and not dwell on the fear of the unknown.

Q:  What does District 833 leadership/administration need to know about the Loft’s educational theater program?

A:  Our program is student centered. Know what that means and come and see it in action. Ask questions! Know what you are making decisions about before you change what is not just working, but working really well.

Q:  What can we as a theater community do to help?

A:  Share your pride. Talk about what we are doing. Show pictures. Invite people to participate as appropriate. Continue to lend yourself to the continuous improvement we all strive for.

Q:  What would you do if you were handed a million dollars?

A:  I am sure Jimmy has a list. 🙂