Gear up for the LoftPAC Officer Elections

A message from LoftPAC President, Pari Cariaga:

Ever wanted to be me?  How about Chuy?  Well if you do, that’s a little creepy, but if you ever wanted our LoftPAC positions, now is your chance.  Talk to Mrs. Hestwood now to get on the ballot for next year’s LoftPAC officers.

What positions are available, you ask?  Great question!  Five officers make up the board, currently: president (moi), vice president (Matt), secretary (Lexi), special events planner (Katherine), and historian (Chuy).

What do these jobs entail?  Another fabulous question!

  • As PRESIDENT, my job is to work with Mrs. Hestwood to set the agenda for the monthly meetings and to oversee the other officers and their tasks.
  • The job of  VICE PRESIDENT is to help the president as well as working with Spotlight and the Thespian Society to find out how Loft Stage students can get involved with those organizations.
  • If you’re good at taking notes, then SECRETARY (or clerk if you are male) might be the job for you.  Duties include taking the minutes at the meetings and then posting them on the website.
  • Like to party?  Consider running for SPECIAL EVENTS PLANNER.  If you are elected to that position, you will create LoftPAC sponsored events, help organize community volunteer opportunities, and work with the president and vice president to plan the end of the year banquet.
  • The last but certainly not least job is HISTORIAN.  The historian takes pictures throughout the year at theater events and compiles all the images into an end-of-year slide show.

Think you could be good at any of these positions?  If you want to be an official leader next year, talk to Ms. Hestwood ASAP!  And as always, if you have questions feel free to contact any of the officers.