Legally Blonde Cast List

Sep 1st


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Remember, the character you show when you look at a cast list is much more important than a character in a play. 

Thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned for Legally Blonde. We so admire your bravery and hard work; you made this a difficult task for us all! All cast please meet at 3:30pm tomorrow in the black box theatre for our first rehearsal. If you were not cast, please consider  joining the technical crew. The tech crew informational meeting is Thursday, September 8th at 3:15pm in the choir room.

Elle Woods
 Ava Bartel
 Isaac Theisen
Paulette Buonofuonte
 Alexa Grace LaFontaine Larson
 Layla Bagal
 Grace Smith
 Macey Spolidoro
Professor Callahan
 Michael Edgerton
Warner Huntington III
 Connor Hestwood
Vivienne Kensington
 Anna Avent
Brooke Wyndham
 Haleigh Smith
Kyle B. O’Boyle
 Henry North
Enid Hoops
 Hailey Engelking*
Grand Master Chad
 Lawson Sharrer
 Olivia Vue
Elle’s Mom
 Brooklin Giddings*
Elle’s Dad
 Hunter Fizel*
Hair Affair Cashier (Laker Girl)
 Sofia Berdie*
 Chandler Schmitz*
Aaron Schultz
 Andrew Sayers*
 Titus Scribner*
Nikos Argitakos
 Chandler Schmitz*
 Lawson Sharrer*
Greek Chorus
 Kianna Yasis, Morgan Maki, Addison Rohm, Lauren Lee


Ensemble: (* = also ensemble)
Sophia Bramel Aaron Claxton
Addy Garrett Maddie Gerber
Riley Hestwood Sydney Hommez
Bella Jones Reece Loveridge
Abigail Schroeder Sydney Segedi
Liesl Smith Sydney Staples
Naomi Tesfaye Luca Walz
Shayna Yasis Dylan Zeilinger-Johnson