Joseph Cast List

Sep 14th


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Thank you to each and every one of you who auditioned for Joseph. We so admire your bravery and hard work, you made this a difficult task for us all! All cast please meet in the choir room at 3:15 on Friday for an informational meeting and first sing through. If you were not cast, and are interested in helping the production on the tech crew please attend the tech crew informational meeting on Friday at 3:15 in the choir room.

Narrator Abby Feuer, Kat Grannis
Joseph Tony May
Pharaoh Jack Johnson
Jacob, Joseph’s Father Elizabeth Avery
Reuben, Joseph’s Brother Adam Ryerse (One More Angel Soloist)
Simeon, Joseph’s Brother Ethan Williams (Those Canaan Days Soloist)
Levi, Joseph’s Brother Jonas Hallstrom
Naphtali, Joseph’s Brother Alex Bretoi
Issacar, Joseph’s Brother Cam Stevens
Asher, Joseph’s Brother Gabby Franus
Dan, Joseph’s Brother Sammy Trevis
Zebulon, Joseph’s Brother Adam Garrity
Gad, Joseph’s Brother Arsema Belai
Benjamin, Joseph’s Brother Derek Montermini
Judah, Joseph’s Brother Luke Pfluger (Benjamin Calypso Soloist)
Potiphar McCrossen Schiller
Mrs. Potiphar Meghan Roeser
Butler Carter Bannwarth
Baker Emma Pfeifer


Alex Fisher   Iris Youngdahl
Alexa Sandberg Lauren Mallak
Anya Steffel Lauren Nelson
Allison Benjamin (ft. dancer) Lily O’Connell
Baylee Stevenson Maggie Barringer
Bella Massa Maren VanDeest
Carolyn Lanz Maria Grismer
Erik Haering Natalie Engh
Emily Johnson Petra Anderson
Franklin Rapp Sydney Bramel
Grant Polifka