Winter Play Auditions

Nov 23rd


Author By Director

Auditions for An Evening With Shakespeare will be December 7th and 8th, 4:30 to 6:30, with callbacks on December 9th. We will be producing abridged versions of Shakespeare’s classic comedies, The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night. One of these plays (to be determined), will be entered in the MSHSL one-act play competition. We are looking to cast an ensemble of about 25 total students between the two shows. If students are only interested in being considered for one of the pieces, they should indicate so on their audition form.

Students should prepare a monologue or elect one of the monologues below for their audition.  All students should review the monologues posted below.  Below, we have provided links to the Sparknotes translations of the monologues. Students will be reading from the LEFT side of the Sparknotes text, the right side being a modern-day translation to help with meaning and clarity. Hard copies of the monologues will be provided at the auditions.

Please register in advance for an audition time. Students should also bring their personal and family calendar with them to the audition. Sign-up

We hope to see you on December 7th and 8th~

Adriana, Act II, Scene 2 (“Ay, ay, Antipholus…”)
Sparknotes Translation:

Egeon, Act I, Scene 1 (“A heavier task…”)
Sparknotes Translation:

Viola, Act II, Scene 2 (“I left no ring with her….”)
Sparknotes Translation:

Olivia – Act I, Scene 5 (“What is your parentage?…”)
Sparknotes Translation:

Orsino – Act I, Scene 1 (“If music be the food of love….”)
Sparknotes Translation: