Almost, Maine Cast

Dec 5th


Author By Administrator

Thank you all so much for auditioning and for your patience. Please know that we saw a lot of talent and had to make some tough decisions.

The first read through will be in the black box on Monday at 4:30pm.

Prologue/Epilogue *
Pete – Quintin Walker
Ginette – Maddie Berg

Her Heart *
East – Jeric Basilio
Glory – Sam Wynn

Sad and Glad
Jimmy – Sam Joson
Sandrine – Brenna Masgai
Waitress – Asia Franklin

This Hurts
Marvalyn – Caroline Kieffer
Steve – Ian Loretz

Getting it Back *
Gayle – Erin Foy
Lendall – Garrett Hildebrant

They Fell
Randy – Jeric Basilio
Chad – Dylan Degler

Where it Went
Phil – Garrett Hildebrant
Marci – Cali Yee

Story of Hope
Hope – Anna Reimann
Danny – Tony May

Seeing the Thing *
Rhonda – Maggie Eckberg
Dave – Mark May

* One-Act Scenes