The Play That Goes Wrong Cast


Casting a show is never easy. If you don’t see your name below, please do not be discouraged. We want to see you all auditioning for future shows at East Ridge. If you still want to be involved with the show you are welcome to join tech crew. Also, please return your scripts to Ms. Carlson next week.

Cast, go thru your script and highlight all your lines that are part of the real play Murder at Haversham Manor. We will begin staging just that part of the bigger play first. Those playing stage crew should also highlight those sections as well as you’ve also been rehearsing the play within the play. Can’t wait to get started!!

Marcie Panian
Artistic Director

Sandra Sydney Segedi
Annie Naomi Tesfaye
Chris Michael Edgerton
Robert Titus Scribner
Dennis Bella Jones
Trevor Riley Hestwood
Max Luca Walz
Jonathan Tade Popoola
Stage Crew Maddie Gerber
Nathan Klimpel
Reece Loveridge
Grace Smith
Leslie Switala