The Play That Goes Wrong Auditions


“Break a leg!” takes on a whole new meaning for a woefully misguided troupe of players at the Cornley University Society’s opening night performance of The Murder at Haversham Manor. An unconscious leading lady, a corpse who can’t play dead, a ruffled detective, and a word-mangling butler (among others) must battle against technical gaffes, forgotten lines, and sabotaging scenery in a quest to arrive all in one piece at the final curtain call. Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, all mayhem, this 1920s whodunit is disastrously delightful.

The Murder at Haversham Manor is as melodrama. Please show me how serious the character is taking the situation. I hate to say “over the top” but somewhere near there. I’d rather see you too big than too small. Here are some character descriptions that may help you.

Chris/Carter: You are director of the play so you want all the blocking perfect.

Robert/Thomas: You are the actor who always wants to do well. A perfectionist in all things . Perfect diction, facial expressions etc.

Dennis/Perkins: You have trouble memorizing lines and you are farsighted. You get mad at yourself.

Max/Cecil: This is your first ever lead. Always been an extra. VEry exciting and also you are very aware that there is an audience reacting to your performance

Sandra/Florence: You are a diva. The always leading lady of this troupe.

Trevor: You have been in the tech booth forever. Bored with it.

Annie: You hate stage managing. NO one respects you or listens to you.

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Play That Goes Wrong Audition Form
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The first rehearsal of the cast will take place on Friday, February 21st from 3:45-6:45pm in the choir room.