Thank you to the crew for The Tempest for the time you’ve put in thus far to make this production a success. Below you will find crew assignments for the performance crew. You must send Jimmy a message via Remind or an email to accept your crew position.

If you don’t see your name on the list and believe it should be, please contact Jimmy. All those that expressed interest in participating on the performance crew have been given a position.

Jimmy & Leah

Deck Captain Haejin Lee
Assistant Deck Captain Kylie Estochen
Props Captain Neela Estochen
Lighting Crew Ethan Olson
Alex Ireland
Sound Crew Riley Gisch
Elizabeth Hong
Mikayla Gillard
Video Crew Howard Reinbold
Maia Nguyen
Emily Anderson
Mikayla Gillard
Costume Running Crew Amelia Kullman
Ava Hattenberger
Ayanna Patani
Sharyle Hammer
Kiley Tatarka