Remember: The character you reveal when you see the cast list is far more important than the character you play in a production. Choose creation over destruction, always. ❤

Thank you to all of the amazing talent who auditioned! For those of you who did not make the cast, do not feel discouraged. Please don’t stop auditioning because you all have wonderful gifts to share with the East Ridge theatre program! If you are still interested in being involved in other areas of the production, please attend the tech meeting Thursday, September 5th at 3:15pm in the choir room.

Cast members! There will be a read through this Thursday at 3:30pm in the black box theatre. Make sure to bring a notebook and pencil.

Man in Chair Cam Stevens
Mrs. Tottendale Allison Benjamin
Underling Erik Haering
Robert Martin Carter Bannwarth
George Derek Dols
Feldzieg Sammy Trevis
Kitty Natalie Engh
Gangsters Adam Garrity
Connor Hestwood
Aldolpho Luke Pfluger
Janet Van De Graaf Baylee Stevenson
The Drowsy Chaperone Lauren Nelson
Trix the Aviatrix Victoria Pommalath
Superintendent Erik Rasmussen


Aaron Mooreland
Alex Doran
Alexa Grace LaFontaine-Larson
Alexa Sandberg
Ana Avent
Ava Bartel
Ava Hattenberger
Benjamin Sayer
Delanie Wittwer
Elizabeth Avery
Grace Smith
Haleigh Smith
Hunter Fizel
Iris Youngdahl
Isabella Massa
Jason Chang
Kianna Yasis
Lawson Sharrer
Lindsey Seif
Maren VanDeest
Meghan Horan
Olivia Voerster
Reed Williams
Reghan Sikorski
Sydney Bramel