Remember: The character you reveal when you see the cast list is far more important than the character you play in a production. Choose creation over destruction, always. ❤

Thank you to all of the amazing talent who auditioned! For those of you who did not make the cast, do not feel discouraged. There were so many talented students and so few roles to fill. Please don’t stop auditioning because you all have wonderful gifts to share with the East Ridge theatre program! If you are still interested in being involved in other areas of the production, please attend the tech meeting Friday at 4:00PM in the choir room.

Cast members! There will be a read through Thursday after school at 3:30PM in the black box theatre. Make sure to bring a notebook and pencil.

Wendy Lauren Nelson
Peter Pan Cam Stevens
John Adam Garrity
Michael Alex Doran
Tinker Bell Gabby Franus
Mr. Darling Jack Johnson
Mrs. Darling Kat Grannis
Hook McCrossen Schiller
Smee Elizabeth Avery
Martin Erik Haering
Tiger Lily Victoria Pommalath
Jones Ethan Williams
Murt Erik Rasmussen
Doc Swain Alex Bretoi
Skylights Sammy Trevis
Tootles Alexa Sandberg
Slightly Benjamin Sayers
Curly Reed Williams
Nibs Maren Vandeest
Crocodile Olivia Voerster
Ensemble Pirate Meghan Roeser
Jonas Hallstrom
Ensemble Lost Boys Grace Loetz
Maggie Barringer
Shadows Abby Feuer
Allison Benjamin
Anya Steffel
Baylee Stevenson
Meghan Horan