One Act Festival and Competition:
-Friday, January 18 at WHS for $5 (general admission)
-Competition is open to public (January 22 at Eagan HS)
-Do not be late and behave / represent our school well:)

One Act Set Construction and Costume:
-Starts Saturday, January 5th (9am-3pm) and lasts all week

Winter Service Project:
-Text Elizabeth (651-508-2361) to be involved
-Small scale (possibly baking cookies for officers, writing notes for cars, etc!)

New York Trip:
-Registration due January 18
-$250 deposit due at registration
-Slideshow with info from meeting (itinerary, pricing, etc) on the Loft Stage website

Spring Play Auditions:
-February 25-26 (Mon-Tues)
-February 27 (Wed) is callbacks
-Includes 22 characters plus ensemble, flying, English accents, movement, and more!
-No rehearsals over spring break
-Shows are May 2-5 with middle school matinee (6 SHOWS TOTAL WOOHOO)
-Audition materials coming soon 🙂

Thespian Points:
-Google spreadsheet is being updated (check Mon)
-Possible point areas include but aren’t limited to: Loft stage productions (including play in a day), community theater production, shop hours, speech, show viewings, theater workshops and festivals)
-1 point = 10 hours

Course Registration:
-Creative Acting and Dramatics AND Advanced Acting and Directing (both super fun)
-Talk to Mrs. Carlson for info
-They do not run if not enough people sign up 🙁
-Do not have to take one class to take the other

MCAC Season Update:
-Lots going on, such as spring break camp, boot camp, classes, summer shows, musical theater intensive, and more!