Cast List for “She Kills Monsters”



It makes me so proud to work in a theatre program with such dedicated and talented students. Of  course with all of this passion it makes casting a difficult process. If you were not cast but are still interested in being involved with this production please consider joining tech. The tech information meeting is this Friday after school.

For those who are cast please meet in the theatre after school this Friday

Tilly Kat Grannis
Agnes Elizabeth Avery
Vera Olivia Voerster
Kaliope Anya Lu
Lilith Meghan Horan
Farrah the Faerie Iris Youngdahl
Evil Tina Valentina Arias Garcia
Evil Gabbi Baylee Stevenson
Chuck Alex Doran
Miles Alex Bretoi
Orcus Ethan Williams
Steve Nolan Sherburne