Thank you so much to all who auditioned this week! Simply put it was amazing to see all of the talent that the Loft Stage has! Please know that casting is one of the hardest parts of the process for me as a director. Especially since I can only have twelve folks in the cast. I encourage anyone who was not cast to join us on Friday for the tech meeting. If you are cast we start tomorrow at 3:30 in the black box!

Buddy Adam Garrity
Helen Maren Van Deest
Jack Jonas Hallstrom
Betsy Allison Benjamin
Johnny Ethan Willams
Agnes Megan Horan
Desert Storm Captain (Hank) Nolan Sherburne
Vietnam Marine Alex Fisher
Doughnut Girl Janie Mooreland
Specialist Fourth Class Delaney Carolyn Lanz
Vietnam Nurse Emma Lily
Westren Union Girl Elizabeth Avery