Triple Threat: Juniors and Seniors, there is a recorded (and possibly live) audition and essay. Please talk to Mrs. Hestwood ASAP.

Pictures: Please send pictures and videos to Nolan.

Senior Tassels: Thespian inducted graduation tassels for graduation cap are $12.50 in the Loft Store. If you return it after graduation you will get $8 back.

Spring Play: Register by this Friday or you will not be able to participate. There is a link on the Loft Stage website.

Loft Stage Banquet:.The banquet will be Wednesday May 17th at 6pm in the Loft Theatre

Relay for Life: Join the Loftie Team

International Thespian Conference: If you received a superior rating at the State Thespian Conference you are invited to attend the International Thespian Conference.

~Abby Feuer ­čÖé