March Minutes ~Abby Feuer

Spotlight: Triple Threat (send a video) : This is for Juniors and Seniors. Submissions can be turned in from now till April 21st. Talk with a Loftpac officer for details. Jimmy can film, but he will be gone a lot in April, so be on top of things.

Spotlight : (google form) Mermaid Medley (techies fill out as well ) Please commit to rehearsals. It does not conflict with speech nationals.

Pictures: Please send pictures and videos to Nolan.

Relay for Life: Join our relay team! (Lofties) Cali is coordinating our relay team and there will be a sign up on Facebook / remind. We will have a booth for fundraising. This is a great way to support Wyatt Hallstrom and Mrs. Schiller!

Officers: Sign up to be an officer. There is a google form on Facebook!

Theatre Banquet will be May 17th

Once in a Lifetime: Comes from a 1932 movie, watch it! It is a situation comedy with 3 main characters and up to 35 characters total (people may play more then one part). It is on YouTube. It is a long play with three acts and it’s SUPER COOL! Auditions are March 21st and 22nd , with callbacks the 23rd for non-speech kids and the 24th for speech kids. The Meet N Greet for the spring play is March 27th if you are cast. Next week audition applications and sides will be available.


~Abby Feuer 🙂