LoftPAC Meeting Minutes~June


ARE YOU GETTING THE NEWSLETTER????~It is essential that you and/or your parent are signed up and receiving the newsletter. If you are not, please see Ms.Hestwood ASAP. There is a lot of important info going out on each one of the newsletters and it is essential that you know everything!

Loft Stage Summer Camp (Aug.3-7)~Lofties, please check your availability for these dates to help at our annual Loft Stage Summer Camp! We would love to have a lot of volunteers to help with the kids and possibly run workshops. Sign up with your availability outside of Ms.Hestwood’s office.

Reminder: Look out for upcoming dates for our Summer shop clean-out day and the beginning of summer set construction for Fiddler! All dates will be able to be found in upcoming newsletters and the website soon.

Aug 29th~ Floats and a Float! Please join us for our annual Root Beer Float Party for incoming freshmen Lofties and working on the Woodbury Days Float for the Loft Stage! Let any incoming freshmen that you know about this and spread the word! Look out for a time in upcoming newsletters and the website soon.

Aug 30th~Woodbury Days Parade! Lofties, please join us in representing The Loft Stage in the annual Woodbury Days parade! More info coming soon!

Do you or someone you know have a pick-up truck? Do you or someone you know have a trailer? If the answer was yes to either of those questions, please contact Ms. Hestwood ASAP!

Thanks for a fantastic year LoftPAC! ­čÖé