Thanks a million, Mary!

IT IS AN INDISPUTABLE FACT THAT ERHS theater has been one exceptionally lucky duck to have Mary Reimann for a booster.  Mary has been with the Loft Stage in a leadership capacity the entire time the Boosters have been a group–even before the school was built! After this school year, Mary may be stepping down from the ERHS theater Booster Board, but she is not stepping away from the Loft Stage.  Though Loftie Daughter 2 graduates this year, Mary plans to continue her volunteer efforts next year, coordinating the ERHS Loft Stage’s community outreach program.  With her boundless energy, generosity, talent, and passion for the arts, Mary has acquired many admirers in the theater world.  Her biggest fans, though, may be theater director Amanda Hestwood and Mary’s talented daughters and forever lofties, Anna and Julia Reimann.  These superfans had plenty of wonderful things to say:

Amanda Hestwood: Mary has been an invaluable support to the staff, parents and students who make up our program. Her dedication and passion for music and theater has brought an important perspective to what we do.  I am beyond grateful for her leadership over the last seven years!

Anna Reimann: It has been such an amazing experience having my mom be such a big part of the theater program at East Ridge! She is so supportive of all of the actors, techies, and orchestra members alike! From the very beginning she has always wanted the best for the program and loves helping in any way she can! I am so grateful for all she has done and the support she has been for my sister and me and for many others!

Julia Reimann: Being able to have my mom present for all the joys and excitement of theater at the Loft was such an immense gift.  She, herself, is an incredible actress and beautiful singer who encouraged us from day one and embedded in us a great passion for the arts.  Mom has been a mother to so many in the Loft in addition to Anna and me in the way that she welcomes and embraces all.  We love her so! She has given so much to this program and I am so grateful.

So folks, if you see Mary Reimann around–which shouldn’t be hard since she is almost ALWAYS around the Loft–make sure to thank her and tell her how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious you think she is.