Joe Johnson (’12) has been busy in his third year at Ringling College of Art and Design. He was recently accepted into the annual Illest of Ill exhibition here at the school. Made by illustration students and faculty nine years ago the show has been designed to recognize illustration sophomores, juniors, and seniors for their work. Every year guest judges recognized for their accomplishments in the field are brought to the school to judge the work.The judges were Victo Ngai and Rebecca Mock.
The piece that got accepted was an illustration done last year. Acrylic, colored pencil, on illustration board.

minotaur under tree 72

Also One of his sketchbooks was accepted into the sketchbook show here on campus. It’s a cool idea because you get to see people’s process, how they think, and how they see whether through observation or imagination. The sketchbook was the one most of you probably saw him carrying around this summer. The gallery opens November 21st and pics will be uploaded to my blog when that day arrives.

To see pics from illest you can go to his blog at http://joetjohnson.blogspot.com

Update: Joe Johnson currently has three paintings on display at the Illustration Painting Gallery at Ringling College of Art and Design. Click Joe’s Blog to see more! http://joetjohnson.blogspot.com/

2/26 Hello everyone!  I’m Joe Johnson (’12) and I am currently a sophomore studying at Ringling College of Art and Design majoring in Illustration. Not much to add right now other than drawing and painting, working on projects, refining my skills and constantly learning new ideas to better myself as an artist.  I have a blog that i update (when i can….i get busy….) so if you want to see what I am doing you can see here. I also have a tumblr as well 🙂 http://joetjohnson.blogspot.com/  http://josephthomasjohnson.tumblr.com/
Keep creating magic Lofties 🙂