Thank you all so much for auditioning and for your patience. Please know that we saw a lot of talent and had to make some tough decisions.

The first read through will be in the black box on Monday at 4:30pm.

Prologue/Epilogue *
Pete Quintin Walker
Ginette Maddie Berg
Her Heart *
East Jeric Basilio
Glory Sam Wynn
Sad and Glad
Jimmy Sam Joson
Sandrine Brenna Masgai
Waitress Asia Franklin
This Hurts
Marvalyn Caroline Kieffer
Steve Ian Loretz
Getting it Back *
Gayle Erin Foy
Lendall Garrett Hildebrant
They Fell
Randy Jeric Basilio
Chad Dylan Degler
Where it Went
Phil Garrett Hildebrant
Marci Cali Yee
Story of Hope
Hope Anna Reimann
Danny Tony May
Seeing the Thing *
Rhonda Maggie Eckberg
Dave Mark May

* One-Act Scenes